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  1. '49 3100, similar angle...what do you guys think, is this it??? [ATTACH=CONFIG]145254[/ATTACH]
  2. The truck isn't from the 30's or early 40's because it is so squared off
  3. This is a pic of a '49 Chevy 3100 for sale on Hemmings, it's from the opposite angle but you can still see the squared off top....I'm thinking this is pretty close ... It can't be an earlier Ford because they have smaller back windows, it can't be an early F1 because they don't have the split windshield. It can't be a Dodge b1b or earlier because of the size of the rear window and vent windows in those trucks...I just can't see it being anything but a late 40's Chevy 3100...if you notice any similarities between this one and one not listed let me know, maybe it's not a 3100
  4. Thank's for all your help....I also had come to the conclusion that it was a late 40's Chevy 3100 or GMC equivalent
  5. Hi, I have this old photo from the late 70's and was wondering if someone could help me identify this 1940's pickup truck (assumed original rust red color). Thank you for all and any help!
  6. Anyone know of a carrier who would be able to transport a non running vehicle with no brakes and no steering...this is a big restoration project and I am looking into carriers who would transport from the Pacific north west, to the east coast. Any help is appreciated, thanks,
  7. Hi everyone, I as well am looking into transporting a vehicle from the west coast to the east coast...but the truck has been sitting for over 15 years, has no brakes, doesn't steer, and of course- doesn't run, (it's a big restoration project). Any suggestions on someone to contact or who would be willing to take on such a job? Thanks PS. Just found this transporter Leap Transport, who claims to transport salvage cars...anyone heard of them/ used them before? http://www.leaptransport.com/vehicle-shipping/salvaged-vehicle-transport.html
  8. Hi, are old radios worth saving? I've got a friend who had a box with a few old car radio's from late 40's/ early 50's chevys and was wondering how much you could get for them or they are worth keeping or listing for sale? There is no way that we know of to test these. Any info would help-
  9. Hi, I was wondering if the wing window vents and channels for a 1951 fleetline were interchangeable with a 1951 styleline or even for a 1949 fleetline?? Any one have a clue or suggestions? Thanks
  10. Hi, I found an old fire extinguisher in a '49 fleetline deluxe and it was in pretty bad shape ( rusted) , but does anyone out there know if they are worth anything? Or worth keeping at all?
  11. Hey thanks all for your help, since the tail lights were lower on the back of the car, and were square. I now believe that the car is a 1937/ 1938 Chevy Master Deluxe. Thanks for your help!...Now, Anyway to tell the difference between the '37 and '38? Hah, trying to get really specific here.
  12. Hi, sorry for the confusion, but yes, the front doors are 'normal', but the back doors are the suicide doors...I believe that is the car I am thinking of in the picture. Now, how can I tell the difference between a '37/38 Master Deluxe and a '39? PS, where on the firewall would the tag be?.....it's unfortunate that every time I try and look up this car it's been hotroded so that I can't tell what it actually used to look like
  13. poci1957, you are right about the photo, unfortunately the trunk lid was off of this vehicle. Any other ways to tell the difference?
  14. Hi, I need some help determining what kind of car I saw. I believe this car to be a late 1930's chevy 4 door. BUT, I have also looked up pontiacs, and other brands and to me they all look very similar. Here is what it looked like. (It had no front end) It had suicide doors, a flat back that stuck out a little (how I could tell it was a late 30's), it had the square back tail lights- so my first guess of a 1940 special deluxe is wrong because of the tail lights. It also had the rectangle speedometer, and the clock in the door of the glove compartment. It looked like this from the back ( a 1938 chevy 4 door). So, is there any particular way to determine what kind of car this is ( do you think my guess of a chevy over a pontiac is correct?) and what years did they produce this car?- Do you have any guesses? Any what were those late 30's 4 doors called...besides 4 doors? Thanks for your help