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  2. not sure, but if you don't want too much for the division bars ( chrome piece on front edge of the glass ) I'll take a chance on them. let me know
  3. need left and right ( mostly left ) vent window division bars for a 1940 ford
  4. looking for original left and right front door glass with stainless vent seal in good shape for 1940 ford. glass condition not relevant
  5. I am looking for headliner bows for a 1940 standard coupe. there are 5 total not counting the corner wires
  6. moody65

    Dash Removal

    the dash is welded in as part of the body, you would need to cut it out
  7. I have the one I took off my 1965 skylark. it isn't broken or cracked, but has some minor pitting and no color left. if you're looking for pristine this ain't it, but it is restorable and definitely a 1965 skylark hood ornament
  8. where are you? condition of iron heads? $$$?
  9. If it's a sports coupe (hardtop) I need a good right rear quarter glass with the chrome leading edge in good shape
  10. I have 2 47 sedans that will not remain stock, so if you need original parts email me. don't know if the gauges work, but look ok
  11. parts purchased for 1987 Firebird GTA TPI intake manifold-$120.00 +shipping 5spd output shaft-$175.00 + shipping camshaft $50.00 + shipping
  12. I am selling 5 ( five) hubcaps from a 1965 skylark sport hardtop, will not separate, all or none. 1 is in good condition, 2 are okay, 1 fair and 1 rough. all of the spinners are in good shape. $60.00 + shipping.
  13. My Dad always had Eldo converts, the first one I can remember was a '53, but the first with a/c I recall was his '55, which meant fewer top down rides
  14. I have a 216 that I have rebuilt. Bearings, rings, gaskets, etc. It is complete carburetor to oil pan, starter, generator, fan blade to bell housing. If you send me your email address I can send pictures. I'm located in north central Md., easily within 100 miles
  15. Rebuilt ( rings, bearings, gaskets, carb, etc. ) 1947 216 ci Chevrolet 6cyl engine carburetor to oil pan - starter, generator, distributer, wires, plugs, clutch.pp.tob, bell housing all there ready to go except fuel pump which is bad. Just bolted on to close engine. Pick up only - North central Md near Pa. line. $1200 which doesn't even cover cost. Call Dave 410-371-7322 Also have remaining drivetrain and suspension not rebuit but in good original condition from 1947 Fleetmaster 2dr. Home made engine stand w/4" casters goes with it.