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  1. Here are photos of the shocks. Numbers on boxes and numbers stamped into shocks. No other markings on shocks.
  2. I have three sets of Delco shock absorbers and I would like to find out what they fit. I have asked Mr. Google and GM Parts wiki but to no avail. First set: S-585-K marked on box 5552353 marked on box 5544564 stamped on shocks Second set: S-204-K marked on box 5531378 marked on box 5352875 stamped on shocks Third set: 5796659 marked on box 5303465 stamped on shocks Does anyone have any old GM parts books that could shed some light on what these shocks fit? Thank you in advance, Chris
  3. It is not mine. It is on eBay right now. I did not know what it was from and if I could use it or not. But now I know it is from an Edsel. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Antique-Automobile-Car-Clock-Geo-W-Borg-Clock-Electric-W-Second-Hand/254571306306?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. Hi roysboystoys, What a terrific site! I will definitely check it out. Thank you!
  5. Looks like a 1949-1950 Ford Hi Fidelity radio.
  6. I am trying to identify this clock. It is a Borg, and it looks like it has a date of AUG 57 on it. Possibly for 1958 cars? Or just may be a code of some sort? I did a Google search and was not able to find anything. This clock has a unique serrated chrome ring on it that should help to identify it. Thank you in advance. Chri ]
  7. I have a set of Chryco Mopar Chrysler mirrors. I tried googling the part number 1104232 but have not had any luck in finding out what the correct application is for these mirrors. Can anyone help me out with this? Regards, Chris
  8. Thank you for the replies in identifying this part. Regards, Chris
  9. Hello everyone, Here is a license plate bracket and tail lamp assembly that I have. I have no idea what it is for. Can anyone identify it? From what I can see, there are no numbers or markings on it. Regards, Chris
  10. I am not sure what this chrome piece is off of. Something makes me think it is a tail light lens housing. But that is just a guess. Any one out there have any idea what this may be for? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello everyone, I believe the rear window I have is for 1918-1920 McLaughlin. I was at a swap meet and two people told me the same thing. I went on the web, and searched 1918-1920 McLaughlin and that same window does show up on some of the McLaughlin cars from that era. Best regards, Chris
  12. Hello Dave, Thank you for your help! I think that I have the fan arrangement too. That would make sense as the fan and the water pump were together in the same box. Best regards, Chris
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