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  1. Are these parts still available? Let me know. Thank You, tim
  2. Do you still have this carburetor, I'am in need of from parts for my duplex. Let me know. Thank You, tim lyman
  3. Are the fender lights available? I am in lock down here in Michigan. Let me know. Thank You, Tim
  4. Do you still have the fender lights? I believe they are REO Flying Cloud Model 25 - 30 Let me know. thank You, Tim Michigan
  5. I would light to purchase the pair of lights Can Paypal you the total or send you a Money Order, Whatever you prefer, let me know. Tim Lyman PO Box 95 Montrose, MI 48457 AACA Member #542711
  6. Most REO's used Schebler Carbs, need to Model of the 1929 (Flying Cloud ?) and engine size. Then could possibly help out.
  7. John, Thank you for the reply! Yes I have the vehicle in storage, I drove it in the 1970's and stored it since. Regards, Tim
  8. Joe Bortz, Hello fellow AACA member! I haven't read the article in the May 2010 Bugle however I stumbled accross the Motor-rama show info on the internet. My familes relative worked at Buick and showed the cars for the Motor-rama. When he returned from the 1955 tour he quit Buick obtained one of the cars from the show (1955 Buick Hardtop) and promptly moved to California. Upon his death in the early 1970's his wife sold the vehicle to my grandmother who gave it to me for my highschool graduation in 1974. My father drove is back from California to Michigan at that time. I was told that it
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