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  1. Most of those are 34 as identified by the tear drop shaped bezels. The handles are the same though. The ones on the right are 33 and they all appear to be Chrysler or DeSoto.
  2. I believe that all spare spare tire covers were built by the Lyon company then modified by the manufacture for the application. There were a few different designs ranging in ornateness. The important part is getting the right size for the tire. I do have the emblems and the stainless just not a set of spare tire covers. I have one co cover for the 550-17 and one co cover for the 15" wood wheels. I am looking for the ct or cq,cl wire wheel size. ct was 650-17 and cq,cl were a 750-17 Here is a picture of the co cover and as you can see that Chrysler cut the bottom off the cover and riveted a ru
  3. So there are 2 like the one pictured? If you could take a picture of both together that would be helpful. If not at least a price. I like to take pictures of my stuff with a handwritten sign that has my forum handle name and todays date that proves I have them in my possession. Include a non negotiable price and wait to see if there are takers. If not you can lower your price or remove the item. If your a Nigerian scammer you are usually from the UK and can't provide proof that you have the item in your possession. Just a thought but I could sure use 2 spare tire covers like the one pictured
  4. I am interested in your spare tire covers.If there still avaliable I can be reached at myboxocrap69 at hotmail.com
  5. Update! I found the drivers side taillight bucket, rim and 2 lenses. I now need the license plate light lens, and a passenger bucket with rim. Along with the other items in the original listing.
  6. I Am looking for a pair of 33 Chrysler tail lights. The drivers side has crilo stamped on the top. I am also looking for a CO spare tire cover (I have a imperial spare tire cover I am willing to trade). Also looking for a a passenger side trico "heart" wiper motor that is original for a 30's auburn and has a 3.5" long shaft. emails to myboxocrap69@hotmail.com Any help completing the restoration on my 33 Chrysler co-6 convertible coupe is appreciated.
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