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  1. On craigslist local to me. Did not persue them so I have no idea of the asking price. I know there really rare so I thought I would post them here. Goodluck
  2. I guess you know they repop these in Aluminum? http://www.allamericanwheel.com/milk.html
  3. I like how other forums require a handwritten note in the photo of the item that has the current date and there forum name(handle). Now this can't eliminate all scams but at least the potential buyer is assured the seller has the item in there possession and didn't just lift the photo elsewhere on line.
  4. 34 Chrysler convertible top is also the same but considerably more rare.
  5. That's interesting. Must be some hidden problems with the car.
  6. This one is 1940 DeSoto. I would be interested if you have some rear fenders with these same body lines. This one is 41 plymouth
  7. This one doesn't split the kc and kcl up it just shows the serial number spans. Makes more sense than the other list. They both have } the second one just shows the Canadian numbers.
  8. I don't have a build card. Here is firewall tag. The list show early and late kcl's as well as hcl's but I assume those were all humpback panels. It shows January 34 thru February 35 and February 35 thru October 35. According to the serial number my KCL falls in the February thru October 35. Just going by the serial number it shows yours as a short wheel base . Don't read too much in to it because my Sedan Delivery and my sreenside start with a 9 which would be a 34 KCL according to this list.
  9. Just picked up a sedan delivery out of a junkyard in Montana. I came across an interesting firewall tag. I assume the engine was rebuilt and the vehicle was used for the war effort but I have never seen a tag like this. The junk yard owner had it in his possession for 34 years. He found it lying on its side on a farm, the original chassis gone used as a tractor I assume. Anyone else seen a tag like this?
  10. I have a KC 35 first series 119" wheel base pickup. It is the only 33-early 35 long wheel base pickup I have ever seen. I have a 34 KC Commercial Canopy that I assumed was a 119" when I got it but it is actually a 111 1/4.
  11. I did he wants $299 for the lens or about twice what I payed for the headlights.
  12. Convex depress beam lens part # 12762 Thanks Russ
  13. Might also be 31 dodge DG but were told they came off a 30 Chrysler though nothing like the model 77 roadster I once owned. The lens was destroyed in shipping. Here is a photo. The lenses are convex