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  1. Does anyone have the email address for Herb Oakes? :confused:
  2. Can I get the name and address of the person who is able to send me my point sheet? Thanks
  3. Don't think the free time applies any longer since the library want money to come with the request form,member or not. Wish I was a little closer to go there myself and start looking. Still is probably worth the cost.
  4. I am a little confused. How is it that a judge does not know how the boards were finished underneath? Would that not be part of the judging/points with the knowledge of the vehicle being judged? I really do not know if even the library would know this answer, but I am going to try to research. Not questioning the judges, but I have to tell you I am afraid of damage that may be casued but taking the entire bed apart again, paint etc. and the cost involved. When you are looking at the 55 Ford F-100 and the running boards hardware, were they originally painted, stainless or chrome? Point deduction please. Again thanks.
  5. :confused: Another few questions before I start tearing my truck apart, I know that the bed boards top side need to be the color of the truck or flat black, but what about the underneath side of the boards? Color? If I don't change the underside,is there a point deduction and how many if there is? Also, the bolts that hold the running boards in place, chrome, stainless,black or the color of the truck? If they are not politically correct what is the point deduction for that hardware or is there one? :confused: Thanks again for everyones help.
  6. Yes that was my youngest daughter and her husbands very first vehicle. They were happy, but I know that Hershey is right around the corner. I am happy that were trying to get more of the younger (non not-rod) generation involved. Can you tell me if all the hardware in the bed and on the running boards were also painted the color of the truck? At one time was this not considered to be over restoration and points taken were less or not at all? Thanks
  7. Does anyone know on a 1955 Ford F-100 being judged, how many points are taken if the bed boards are nautral finished, rather than body color or black? :confused: I have been told that there was a portion on the 55 year that the F-100 trucks were produced with natural finished oak boards. If this is true, do I need to document it for the next judging event as proof?
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