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  1. " I just love this guy's enthusiasm for his ride" I'm inclined to agree with you, great video ! Thanks for sharing !!
  2. If your that worried about the car left in parking lots then, keep it in the garage. Buy a beater to drive, something that you more or less don't worry about left unattended.
  3. Thats very sad... Sorry to hear it.. I've always enjoyed the questions & answers section of the Riview...
  4. Thanks Guys !! O'Reilly's was the ticket... Got what I needed...
  5. Thanks for the info everybody... I'll see what I can find...
  6. Thanks, but I don't know if 63 & 64 boosters are the same or not..
  7. Anyone know where to find a brake booster for a 64 Riv ?? Or a booster from another year and/or model that would fit without modification to the firewall ??
  8. I wipe up any wet drips, of any kind. Any leaked spots that have dried, I use Gumout or whatever brand of carb cleaner I have on hand. Carb cleaners seem to work well on my cement garage floor or cement driveway
  9. I've had Pertronix in my old car for years, no problems......
  10. I don't do it for the money, I don't do it for the popularity, I do it for the love of the automobile..
  11. Couldn't agree more! The fact that you don't see many old Rivs was one of the selling points for me to buy a Riv.
  12. Buick shows are the only ones I see multiple Rivs.
  13. When I go to a car show, I see very few Rivieras if any..
  14. The clock in my Riv is STILL running GREAT !! The clock runs like its making up for lost time...lol.
  15. Mr Earl, good to see you over here on the Riviera side of things......
  16. reminds me of the movie "Used Cars", the old man had a "59 Edsel on the stick at his used car lot...
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