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  1. Thats cool... It wouldn't be much of a hobby if you finished a one day ...
  2. I redid all my seats but I had a shop put the padding & seat covers on.. I believe the shop used their own foam to pad my seats..
  3. Van looks GREAT !! Looks like your making huge progress, can't wait to see it finished !! Love those old vans with the flat front ends..
  4. Thanks Mr Earl. I really enjoyed that part about the Nailheads and I learned some new stuff too...
  5. Did anyone mention the movie "Fletch" ?? Chevy Chase drove a 71 Boattail, if I remember correctly....
  6. Today I saw a pink '57 Lincoln Premier while I was out driving around, it was sitting in front of a repair shop.
  7. When I think Canadian autos, 50s & 60s Mercury Trucks come to mind.
  8. I can't ever remember seeing a first generation Riv with any kind of rear seat belts.
  9. Love those big 1960s Pontiacs, great body lines ! Beautiful...
  10. There are always exceptions to the rule but, for the most part, "Luxury Cars" look better with whitewalls..IMO. Blackwalls on many luxury cars give the cars a more "bare bones model" look. I personally prefer raised white letters but they just don't look good in some applications. Tire preference also depends on your tastes too.
  11. The car looks GREAT with the new wheels & tires !
  12. Nice Job ! I like that ! I'm a big fan of the clean front end look of the '65 Riv...
  13. Nice lookin Riv, they are sweet lookin cars !
  14. You can also buy color matched dye for your automotive interior. This dye sprays on like paint and holds up real well over the years as my interior will attest. You can spray this dye on hard plastics, metals, and flexible materials like the vinyls on your door panels & stuff.. **The only thing you don't want to do is to use petroleum based cleaning products on the dye, as it will take the dye off.** Soap & water cleans the dyed areas nicely & safely..
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