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  1. " I just love this guy's enthusiasm for his ride" I'm inclined to agree with you, great video ! Thanks for sharing !!
  2. If your that worried about the car left in parking lots then, keep it in the garage. Buy a beater to drive, something that you more or less don't worry about left unattended.
  3. Thats very sad... Sorry to hear it.. I've always enjoyed the questions & answers section of the Riview...
  4. Thanks Guys !! O'Reilly's was the ticket... Got what I needed...
  5. Thanks for the info everybody... I'll see what I can find...
  6. Thanks, but I don't know if 63 & 64 boosters are the same or not..
  7. Anyone know where to find a brake booster for a 64 Riv ?? Or a booster from another year and/or model that would fit without modification to the firewall ??
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!
  9. I wipe up any wet drips, of any kind. Any leaked spots that have dried, I use Gumout or whatever brand of carb cleaner I have on hand. Carb cleaners seem to work well on my cement garage floor or cement driveway