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  1. For the TC inventory - 1989 (don't know where to find "build date"); VIN#200440; cabernet/bordeaux/? (never looked); 4 cylinder turbo; auto; no, no, yes they are fuzzy; plaque? would that be the brass "made for" name plate with number? if so, ours is 89-43 (there is also a name but wasn't sure if I should post that).
  2. Thank you for responding. We went ahead and bought the one on e-bay as we want to get the car back on the road. Glad to know the price we paid was fair for used part.
  3. So it appears I need the entire tail light assembly. Found used one on e-bay for about a hundred bucks - apparently the going rate. Probably will order tomorrow if I don't get any other information.
  4. Wow! Nothing to offer, just reading your post 'cuz we're looking for a part too - but nothing as intricate as what you're needing. If you can find a particular fuel pipe, surely we will be able to find a left rear tail light lens. Best O'Luck...
  5. Hi. So I missed the e-bay auction. Didn't need any parts 'till today. Looking for driver side rear tail light lens for an "89. Ya got one?
  6. Hi. Just wondering where you found the headlight, if you did. I am in need of driver side rear tail light lens, also an 89. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. So far the lights always go out within seconds. It doesn't seem to matter where the steering wheel is positioned. Have not replaced accumulator.
  8. Got rear ended in a parking lot today. Only damage is left rear tail light lens; didn't even break the bulb! So, any suggestions on where to get replacement? Appreciate the advise and information.
  9. Hi. Just saw your post and we had similar problem; ignition cutting out intermittently, sometimes while on freeway at 65 mph! It was a Hall effect module, or hep. Had never heard of it, read about it here and got tips from forum members. Replaced and VOILA, fixed problem. Hope it helps.
  10. The red brake light on the dash illuminates, at times, when first applying brakes, then goes out. On occasion amber anti-lock light comes on also, but turns off with red light. Brakes are working great; no noise, no pulsing, pedal is fine, fluid level correct, car stops as normal. What to look at, check for?
  11. Our driver side door lock actuator has failed. NAPA dealer says can get us a new one. Anyone have any feedback/knowledge regarding this cross over part?
  12. We were gifted our TC in 2007, upon the death of a neighbor. It's an 89 2.2 turbo, auto, maroon/maroon, with 79,000 miles currently. It had not been driven/started for 3 years. After some work, we got her running. All our other vehichles are G.M. - this is our only Chrysler. We have referred to this forum numerous times and consider it our go-to resource for help/info on this car, and we own the factory service manual. In the past Hemi helped us with a brake accummulator problem - with outstanding, spot-on advise and exacting information! Today was researching site because car would not start....found info about hep....removed and planned to buy new....put old one back in (with dielectric grease) to run some other tests and - VOILA - car starts! Previously, one plug had grease, one did not. Continuing research on original problem; ignition cutting out intermittently while driving, sometimes causing to stall; perhaps may still be the hep causing the trouble; lots more posts to read.... Seems it's time we joined this forum! A HUGE thank you to all who post with answers to the querries.....Knowledge is APPRECIATED
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