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  1. Much thanks Dave. I finally was able to get back to this project today but after finally getting the entire locking mechanism off the door of the Dodge, I can now see what you are saying. My handle end was really stuck in the mechanism. I used an air cutting tool to cut what was left of the broken pot metal handle from the shaft so I could easily get at the brass escutcheon plate. After I removed the escutcheon plate (bushing), I pulled the entire handle shaft and locking mechanism off the door from the inside, then separated the shaft from the mechansm. It looks like the handle on eBay is not the one I need after all. Here's a pic of everything dissembled for forum members' future assistance.
  2. Dave, I believe I have discovered the mystery. I looked again at the screws I had removed from the inside to loosen the lock assembly and found that one screw (in line with the door shaft) was set into what appears to be a brass cap nut that I believe screws onto the end of the handle shaft and holds the whole thing in place. (See photo). Does this look familiar to you? I don't want to destroy the brass unless I am sure. If this is the case, I just have to make a tool that will fit the square hole. <a href=http://www.freeimagehosting.net/><img src=http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/130d8e4469.jpg border=0 alt="Free Image Hosting"></a>
  3. Thanks Dave. I have a DB Cars and Graham Bros. Trucks Mechanics Instruction Manual but unfortunately it does not even show a pic or instruction as to the door handle/lock. Somewhere I have a Book of Information for the car but I think it is in my safe at Albuquerque. The car and I are at our farm near Plainview, Texas. Any suggestions you can provide after you look at your car will be much appreciated. Ron
  4. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to unscrew the stuck escutcheon plate (or I think that's what it is called) on the outside of the door. I'm assuming that once I get the plate loose, I will be able to pull the lock mechanism box that is set in the door far enough out to see the screw at the end of the handle stem? Right now I can't see that screw even using an inspection mirror and a flashlight behind the door. Do you know if the escutcheon plate a right or left-handed thread? Thanks. Ron
  5. Does anyone know how to remove the passenger side door handle on a 1924 DB business coupe? There are no screws on the outside, and from what I can see from the inside, the nut at the end of the shaft (if this is the case) is not accessible through the door panel. Quick help is needed because I see a door handle on eBay that I may be able to use. Here's a pic of the intact driver's side handle: <a href=http://www.freeimagehosting.net/><img src=http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/1b68c5efef.jpg border=0 alt="Free Image Hosting"></a>
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