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  1. Green 2 door Landau coupe, approximately 128k miles. $8500 OBO Bruce W. Topeka, KS 785-286-2758 https://topeka.craigslist.org/cto/d/topeka-1977-buick-electra/6930860858.html
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I guess I might want to clarify my original post. A few years ago I saw a last gen Riv on a dealer's lot but didn't pull the trigger. I don't even remember what year it was but I started looking on the internet and found a low mileage '85 close by in KC, Mo. I had it for about 2 years and put less than 2K miles on it. I never even had the oil changed. For some unknown reason and I wish I hadn't done it, I sold it a few months ago. So now I'm wanting to get another Riv and thought the most modern version would be more to my liking. Of course it would be nice to get a Silver Arrow but then I would probably not end up driving it. I guess a nice, reasonable '98 or '99 or Silver Arrow (dream on) from the central US that I could drive and still be a Riviera would be what I'm after. The King is gone but he's not forgotten B Dub
  3. There doesn't seem to be much discussion about '95-99 Rivs on here but what does one look for when buying one? Are the latter years more desireable due to lower production? Supercharged vs. non? I have driven a few in the 110-150K range and it seems they need front end work/?struts. Thanks for any responses. It's better to burn out than it is to fade away B Dub Riv-less for now
  4. For sale for an '85: Brand new window weather strip and fuel sending unit, excellent wire wheel cover centers, very nice headlight bezel, two nice hood ornaments, new oval "R"s for opera lamps and taillights, literature including Bruegger spiral, exterior colors, 1985 Buick Buyer's Guide, Buick Book 1985. Bruce Williams Topeka, KS 785-286-2758, evenings northtopekahawksnest@hotmail.com '
  5. I bought a universal replacement pad from CARS, Inc in New Jersey for my '85. It's marbley black/gray on the engine side and a black skin on the hood side. I cut it to match the old one and punched the nine holes in it for the plastic retainer buttons. I didn't use any glue on it at first because I wanted to be able to shift it around to get the buttons back in the mounting holes. After a few you are pretty well committed. Anyway, after getting it installed it sags along the fender sides because there is no place provided to put buttons there and didn't have any in the first place. So first I tried Permatex adhesive spray and wedged a cardboard box against the insulation and let it sit for an hour or so. Sagged. Then I tried emblem adhesive with the same result. Then I tried Gorilla Super Glue and shut the hood down on some blankets to provide pressure against the insulation and let it sit overnight. Still sags. Does anybody out there have experience with this or any suggestions but I don't want to remove it at this point. Rust Never Sleeps B Dub
  6. No, I believe it's "where no man has gone before."
  7. The climate control has been working since the contacts were cleaned and the fuel gauge straightened itself out as the amount in the tank dropped some and I started getting the numerical readings again, although they fluctuate quite a bit with the position of the car. Bruce W.
  8. When I first got my '85 the antenna was stuck in the up position as the filament inside was broken. I got one from a vendor in Texas but the mechanics that tried to install it said it was non-functional. They said they had to take the hood off to install it. They got a different one from another source which still works well but I don't know who it was and it was a lot more expensive. I later found out from a stereo installer that the hood removal would not have been necessary as he has a different way to install it. Also as I remember I later found out the antenna was still available from GM dealers. Have you tried that route? Bruce W.
  9. This is my 1985 Riviera, light brown firemist, with 46k miles. Bruce Williams Topeka, KS
  10. 1979-80 Buick Riviera S-Type Hubcaps For Sale - Four 1979-80 Buick Riviera S-Type Hubcaps for sale. Minor imperfections, but otherwise in good condition. Would like to sell as a set or at least in pairs. $30 per hubcap + S&H. Please message if interested! Thanks!
  11. Would like to buy 84/85 Riv driver's side sun visor with good mounting bracket and lighted vanity mirror. Color and condition of fabric is not important but the visor MUST stay up by the roof and not droop. An 84 has an E in the tenth vin character and an 85 has an F. Thanks.
  12. WTB 84/85 Riviera driver's side sun visor with good mounting bracket and have vanity mirror. Color and condition of fabric not important but visor MUST NOT droop. 84 models have an E in the tenth vin character, 85 is an F in the tenth vin character.
  13. I've got an '85 coupe with the 307 4 barrel in it. It also has automatic climate control. When I first got the car nearly two years ago, I had no problems with the climate control. Then it started flashing on the different mode settings. I had a shop diagnosis the problem as needing a replacement heater control valve actuator. I finally found a used one in Texas (a long story for some other time) and had it and a new valve installed in April of this year. A bit later, the temperature settings began to flash. This time the diagnosis was a temp door actuator. I was lucky and Vintage Parts had one of these. I had it installed in May. Everything was OK until last weekend when I turned on the AC and now the mode indicator is flashing again on all buttons, even the off one. I took off the used Texas actuator and put on one that Ed Raner had given me. The mode indicator is still flashing on all settings. Does anyone have any ideas? Now about the digital fuel gauge. Again no problems with it until I filled up a few days ago. Instead of reading "F" (Full) as it had always done before and for a bit after filling up this time, I'm getting two "dashes" in the indicator area. It does flash from the dashes to F when I am about to stop, stopped, making a turn or parked on an incline. The owner's manual mentionsl something about an open circuit. Any ideas on this one? Bruce W.
  14. There may be a possibility this has been figured out. I've been talking with Jayson. He thought the socket for car is leveling (I have never seen it come on) could have been screwed in behind the wrong indicator. He suggested I have someone sit in the rear seat or on the bumper and see what happened with the compressor and lights. I had my son sit on the bumper. I got in the car, turned the key on with the transmission in reverse and my foot on the brake as Jayson had suggested. At first nothing happened with either the compressor or the light. I had him stand up and the compressor and light both came on briefly. We did the same procedure again with no result the first time and when getting up and then sitting back down the compressor and power injection light came on briefly. This sounded like the answer to Jayson. Now I don't know if want to pursue it because it sounds like it may be too advanced a project for me. Thanks for everybody's help. Bruce W. _______ '85 Riviera '77 Electra Limited landau coupe '64 Mercury Marauder '04 Mercury Marauder '06 Lexus ES 330 '00 Toyota Tundra '02 Dodge Intrepid (son's beater) _______ In a galaxy long a ago and far away, among 21 others '70 Cougar '78 Lesabre Custom Coupe ES