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  1. HOW BOUT a 400 new converter rebuilt never used .went with a 4-speed
  2. Well!! sorry i rocked the boat around here.Istill have an option or what i think an optionm Any help here would be graciosly accepted good or not.Everything is a lead as i look...Ihave 2 mich license plates, i need somebody to run down those two autos i had in 79. They as i suspect sold plates in consecutive numbers As i have JHG 922 the 57 first number, and JHG 924 issued in 1979, Do you think i can find anything with this little bit more info? glad to hear from any and everyone ! please i want to find this kar or get old trying.
  3. hello all ! thank you much for all the mail. The serial number as reffered to here -is the .."vin number' on the 57 which i don't have ,or know on my 57, I have been searching for.... is still advertised everywhere. i can put it.Istill have the license plate to this 57. Would this help any at all?// thanks i'll check back more often bob s
  4. pretty negative on my search, Don't bother answering posts if you do not like them .You never know ANYTHING til you try "linc 400 thank you to the rest for answering my post bob s
  5. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3139B4144CC6AA6A!284&authkey=!ALe2sA9ujLKJxbg&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg This picture is what it looked like in the 70s . I sold it and the guy who bought it tore it up and traded i think towards some;Asphalt Paving equipment. This kar meant a great deal to her and i. if you recognize this kar it was last known by me. to be in the; highland area ...city in Mich.It cold be stored or changed by now. Also it was a 350- 4-speed when i finished it.It had; fuel injection badges on the ront fenders. but not the injection itself.Wish i had nev
  6. My seat is history ........i stripped out and put the seat shells on the curb i had NOONE even contact t me on this seat .it was A upholsterers nite mare i guess [being a 60- 40] not sure about that either Idid keep the electrics and all it takes is longer cables or shorter ones to run two seats individual switches make them move from one or 2 points on one PAIR of end motors i burned the foam and material that thing had been in my way underfoot ...to long . cheers bob s
  7. Seats are in Michigan 20 miles up from Toledo ohio......................Britton Mich 49229 ~~~~$125.00 Where are you located?Maybe you didn't see the right ad i put up. but hers quick run-down 8-way power all taken apart and greased and rebuilt. no dirt or rust aywhere , hth bob s ~~~~~~~~~~~scharpr175@ymail.com
  8. this seat has had all the electrics reworked ,they work good 90% FIRST picture was before i cleaned them up 70s full power seat ------- $75. deleted this ad .junk it out no takers
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