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  1. i have a ticking noise coming from the rear end at about 20 to 30 mph its driving me nuts any suggestions what it could be ? u joints ,rear gears ?let me know if youve had this problem or know what it could be thanks:confused:
  2. i cut one coil from the front and used coil clamps for the rear cost 10 bucks for the clamps and 2 bucks for the cutting wheel. 400 bucks seems like alote of money to lower a car for me
  3. found this plug under the stereo when replacing the heater core on my 65 riviera, can you tell me what it goes to thanks
  4. looking for a heater boot for a 65 riviera. its the plastic duct that sits on top of the heater core box, mine shattered when i was replacing the heater core[ not fun] do they repro it ?who sells it ?does any body got one for sale pm me thanks
  5. heater fan doesnt work even at high speeds, and do not want to start replacing every thing, do you guys know what i should check or replace first thanks
  6. my dark green interior metal pieces are showing there age and want to make them look new again. does any body know of a color green i can use to get close to the original color and what company makes the product thanks
  7. having trouble with my tail lights they turn on when i turn on the lights but do not light up when i push on the brake they also do not light up when lights are off can it be the brake light switch do they sell the switch thanks :confused:
  8. just installed a s/w mechanical gauge in my 65 riviera its running between 180 to190 is that normal? what temp should the rivi run,it has the 401 ac and has a brand new recore radiator thanks
  9. been trying to clean off the hazing that is left on the windows when the car sat for a while, is there a method or cleaner you guys use to clean that off seams impossible thanks
  10. wanted to remove stock exhaust and install dual glass packs on my 65 rivi has any body had any issues with this or advise . what size g/p u used? thanks you guys you always have good advise.
  11. is there another location i can install my sending unit besides the top of the motor so its not so visable thanks
  12. what springs and shocks are you running, performance or stock ? looking to redo my susp. on my 65 riviera .any body got advice thanks guys
  13. looking for good condition acorn lug nuts for riviera rally road wheels pm me thanks