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  1. I am trying to determine what a fully restored 1931 Buick 90 Temperature Gage worth. I had one as a spare since 1980 and it recently was destroyed along with some other personal property. I searched the Internet including eBay with no luck. I would also like to find another one. Any opinion is appreciated.
  2. I am trying to obtain the actual 1931 Buick 90 Series part numbers for the exhaust and heat riser’s parts. I do have the part number for the manifold set.
  3. I am trying to compile pictures and list of what Air Cleaner and Oil Filter decals were used on 1926 through 1934 Buick’s. This would include pictures and what size they are. I have searched the Internet and came up with mixed results. Some of those have the same wording but are different in size and coloring. In the early 70s, at the Hershey Fall Meet, I bought both a NOS Buick Air Cleaner and Oil Filter for my 1931. The air cleaner had the decal. I took pictures but cannot find the pictures and what is left is just remains. If I were able to complete a list with pictures I would post for everyone. Best way to reach me is via email
  4. A friend bought a 1929 Buick and the spark plug cover is for an 8-cylinder car. We are trying to identify what year and series / model Buick it goes to. Ill bet some a Buick owner needs one of these. <o:p></o:p> See pictures the last one has sizes
  5. Helpman

    29 Roosevelt

    Markffice:office" /><O:p></O:p> I recently received a call from a man who about 40 years ago sold a 1929 Roosevelt that was missing the radiator splash pan. After he sold the auto he located the pan but did not know how to contact the owner. If your are the person or are a person who still need the splash pan please contact me and we can arrange that you get it. He also told me that he would really like to but the Roosevelt back.<O:p></O:p> Please contact me at this is a limited use email I have so messages like this don’t get lost in the clutter on my other email<O:p></O:p> Paul Bittner <O:p></O:p>