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  1. I recently replaced the water pump / serpentine belt on my 89. It is an easy job and I spent a total of less than $100 for new belt, brand new pump, and antifreeze at Autozone. There is a good video on YouTube regarding the 3800 engine water pump replacement that helped me out considerably.
  2. I have an 89 with a CRT that was replaced by the dealer I bought it from. Display is generally perfect and true but every once in a while is starts to shake from side to side from the corners. No blurriness, but looks like it is on a boat getting bounced around by waves. Related connection issue?
  3. Here it has been closer to high 30's at night, mine is running 172-176 which is 10 degrees below summer, so yours may be accurate (?).
  4. D-A-N-I-E-L, thank you for your input on this thread and would like to read the post on Series I but the link just takes me to the generic AACA forum page. Is the link working for you? Thanks
  5. One day I would love to do a swap. For those of you who have done tis mod with FWD, is torque steer an issue at all? Part of the fun?
  6. I'm fairly new here and to the world of Reattas but it looks to me like it has potential and you certainly got a fairly low price point for entry. I say try to save it!
  7. I really like what you did with this mod. Thanks for posting pics. I have been thinking about a similiar project myself.
  8. I will try that adjustment thanks. Ronnie if anyone has shared how they did the xenon bulb mod that would be a very cool addition to your site.
  9. Ronnie, your website is awesome! I used the tutorial there for another upgrade recently. Regarding headlights, it is interesting I sometimes drive with high beams around town and have yet to be flashed by an oncoming vehicle. That may be due to the Reatta sitting lower than other vehicles like SUV's? Or perhaps the high just isn't as bright as most? The stock high beams seem to be a good middle ground between low and high on my other vehicles for visibility.
  10. I was thinking about upgrading to a xenon headlight but I'm on the fence about. I think there was a post recently that the factory headlights are fatly low wattage and a brighter traditional sealed beam is available.
  11. Guys, I successfully replaced the serpentine belt today. The motor mount came off just as described. Thanks for giving me the confidence to do this myself, learn more about my car, and save some cash. Total cost for water pump and new belt: about $70
  12. Guys, thanks for the insights. This project will go on my future to do/ experiment list.
  13. I am very impressed by 63Viking's brake mods (and obviously the rest of his upgrades look just fabulous) . Others I have seen / read about on this forum look equally impressive. I have read about the Aurora brake upgrade for 16" wheels which like it would be worthwhile but I don't have 16" wheels. Regarding brakes, mine are adequate but not stellar. I like my stock 15" wheels. Are there any brake upgrades for those of us with stock wheels? Thanks for any comments / thoughts.
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