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  1. Looking to buy a true 1966 Chevelle SS. Must have manual transmission and A/C. Not looking for a trailer queen. Prefer a #3 condition example.
  2. Looking to buy a true 1966 Chevelle SS. Must have manual transmission and A/C. Not looking for a trailer queen. Prefer a #3 condition example.
  3. Looking for either a 1967 or 1970 Buick GS. Must be a big block motor, manual transmission and a/c. Must be in #3 condition.
  4. Looking for rebuildable or newly rebuilt Qjet for 1970 Buick GS 455--carb number 7040240.
  5. First can I remove the clutch without removing the entire compressor from the car? If answer is yes what tool(s) do I need to remove the clutch? FYI... 1990 Reatta . Entire compressor was replaced three years ago and 15k miles since. See pics
  6. I need to forward the picture of your radio to someone who can confirm it is the one I need. I am having difficulty forwarding it. Could you send the picture to my email? I will send a private message to you with my email address. Thanks Rick
  7. Want to buy a 1979 VW Beetle radio. Prefer a working one however will consider a non-working one that is rebuildable. Rick
  8. Bringing the following Buick parts to Springfield, Mo National Meeting. 1970 Buick GS rebuilt quadrajet carb 7040240. $375. Will consider trading for 1970 Buick distributor number 1112027. 1986-1987 Buick Grand National catalytic converter heat shield no rust in very good condition. $40 Buick Tri-Shield pass side remote control side view mirror. Has some pitting. Glass is foggy. $40 1970-1972 Buick Skylark and GS rear hard rubber bumper fillers. Pair $10. New in original box Tie Rod End. Fits 38-41 series 40- 70; 41 series 90; 42-47 series 60-70. $25 New in original box rear shock link. fits 1940 series 40-70. $15. New in original box rear shock link. Fits 1940 series 40-70. $20. New 180 degree thermostat with gaskets. Fits 1940 all series radiators. $7. New 18lb radiator cap. Fits 1940 all series. (3) New in box Fuel pressure regulator "o" rings. $5. Fits 1986-1987 Buick Grand National. New heater control valve . Fits 1970-72 Buick GS. $15 (2) New shorty header gaskets. $10. All prices are "OBO" ( or best offer ). Call cell phone 919-645-8319 ask for Rick.
  9. 12 new golf balls in original box. Spalding Z Balata. Each ball carries Ryder Cup, Spalding and Oldsmobile logos. Four models are shown on each sleeve ...Intrepid, Auroa, Cutlass and Bravada. $25 plus shipping in USA only. PayPal only payment method accepted.
  10. Thank you for the response my question. I am looking for correct 1970 GS 455 exhaust manifolds ( will send casting number if you think you have them) not rusted and holes for bolts intact. Also looking for metal fastener that was attached to heater hose over a foam insulator. Also looking for the rubber donut around the water heater valve. Also looking for a correct and rebuildable 1970 GS 455 rear end posi with 3:42 gears. Also looking for 1970 GS speedo gauge with speed limit buzzer.
  11. In the storage bldg do you have '70 Buick GS parts?
  12. Http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/4743335698.html
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