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  1. Mark, I checked with Olsen's--they do not make steering box seals/gaskets. They said they do not know anyone who makes seals/gaskets for steering boxes. Regards Rick
  2. Jeff, Thanks will do. Have you tried (or have you heard of anyone who has tried) fabricating your own gasket/seals for the steering box? Thanks Rick
  3. Great suggestion. I pumped chassis lube into the box and no more leaking. Thanks Old Guy! I will be sure to pass this on.
  4. Do you have a 1940 speedometer? If so what is the condition of the plastic insert face?
  5. Do you have the speedometer? If so what is the condition of the plastic insert face?
  6. I am looking to buy the plastic insert section of a 1940 speedometer face. The one on my '40 is cracked and beyond repair. I thought I had one however upon further inspection/research the one I recently purchased is one from either a '41 or '42 which is ever so different from a '40. This one is in excellent condition! I would like to trade the '41 or '42 for a '40 or if need be purchase one outright. I also would be willing to buy an entire '40 speedometer just for the plastic insert --so it doesn't have to be in working condition however the plastic insert must be in excellent condition. I
  7. Can someone help identify radio control knobs? They were on a 1946 Buick Sonomatic radio. They are white in color eg not dull white, appear to be a hard plastic like material, have allen head set screws on the sides, and three ring grooves cut into the plastic. I can send pics to your email. Thanks
  8. Tomorrow evening I will inspecting a 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible that is for sale. Is there anyone who would be willing to share their knowledge of '53 Series 62's with me? At this point in time I have 8 pics and a brief description of the car which I can email.. Thanks
  9. Thanks to all you folks for taking the time and energy to answer my post. I am looking to buy this car. I may have more questions as I receive more info from the seller. I will post the paint code once I receive it.
  10. HMMMMMM--in a quandry--half of responses confrirm and half deny!! Where is the 1952 paint expert??
  11. Jim, Thanks for the info. I am in process of securing paint code from the ID/ patent plate. Reason for quick post was to confirm if two tone exterior paint was an option for 1952 Supers.
  12. Can someone confirm whether two tone paint is original on this buick. see pic. thanks.
  13. I am looking to buy a 1952 Buick Convertible Model 56C or 76C. Must be at least a #3 rated car.
  14. I am looking to buy a 1952 Buick Convertible Model 56C or 76C.
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