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  1. I finally used a self-leveling Lap sealant by Dicor around the roof insert. Although not as nice looking as a molded rubber seal 😞 I am satisfied with the results.
  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing how this turns out. I found a Chinese company that makes all kinds of extruded rubber for very cheap. Considered having them make some seal and ordering 50 meters of it (minimum order). One problem with my top is that the crack is not the same width all around.
  3. I have a 36 D2 5 passenger 4 door sedan. The roof originally had what looked like a paper gasket seal built in layers (if I remember correctly). The replacements I’ve tried are a rubber “C” type channel with a round top. The gap that goes onto the steel top ia about 1/4” wide, but my top is closer to 1/2”. I am pretty handy with car resoration, but for the life of me I couldn’t get that rubber to work! There were a couple other venders, but all have the same size gap. I believe I am going to use a self-leveling sealer instead, before I cause more damage.
  4. Is this topic still open?? I have had my 36 D2 for a number of years, but am just getting around to installing the turret top. It is a bitch! (Pardon my French) I bought two repeoduction seals, and neither fits right. The gap is far to small for the insert thickness. I will end up super modifying it, and basically gluing it in. Anyone else have so much trouble?
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