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  1. Thanks Mssr Bwatoe, I couldn't get the photo to show.
  2. NOS rotor H-12201 for 1936-1948 Lincoln HV-12 $130 rotor only - or - $150 rotor and box. Includes shipping. jim.zephyr@gmail.com
  3. Wish to trade 1941 L-Z oil bath air cleaner for 1938-40 L-Z oil bath air cleaner. thank you, Jim.zephyr@gmail.com LZ.bmp click on link above for picture.
  4. Super nice pair of mid thirties Lincolns!!! How do you compare the drive experiences?
  5. Great photos of your 47 Continental Phil, looks like you had some real enjoyment with it over the years! Nothing better than a car that can be used and driven...
  6. Start with a stock manifold, the multi-carb units look great, are difficult at idle. My formula is Jake for distributors and Skip for coils. No reason you can't stay completely stock and have a Smooth engine. The original single carb air cleaner looks cool enough. Put the Eldebrock on the shelf.
  7. Great looking Continental Lee! Real nice interior work.
  8. Hi Michael, Great venue, great people! Need more V-12's next year tho. That means you!
  9. Where did Jeff Bwatoe go? He is very helpful on this forum....
  10. Great photos, check out ski rack and crude wooden skis. Cool art deco house, looks like a factory photo...
  11. Looking great Lee! Look forward to seeing it soon....hopefully you will make the journey North in it.
  12. Hi John and Ron, seems like a steel plug could be welded into the hole easily enough. If the plater doesn't have time for that have them strip it and get it done for them...
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