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  1. The front spring/coils seem to be at strange angle, did you pull the lower A-arms in to control front tread width? What car did that clip come from? I wish you well, Dale in Indy
  2. Open the trunk lid, tape a paper towel between the hinged area, overlapping the panel behind the glass, and to the trunk lid. close and run water, see it it absorbs the water. Dale in Indy
  3. Speaking of folks getting upset should you drive 50-55 MPH pulling a trailer reminds me of a promotion SHELL gad stations had in the late 40's. WIth a fill up, they gave you a stamped steel Yellow Sea shell. It was made to slip under your lic. plate, and painted on it was 3-nautical flags. They signaled SHARE THE ROAD. Us kids installed them on our bikes under the axle nuts, made a neat look. I have a NOS piece, wonder how many of you have one, or remember the promotion? The piece is steel, 3-D, 3" wide X 3-1/2" tall. I don't know how to post pic's from
  4. YES, It is an old thread, but, but, but,,,,,, STILL worth reviewing from time to time. Dale in Indy
  5. Ben, how about pictures of the in car air vents, and HOW well does the air work? Got to love fabricator/engine builder Ben. Dale in Indy
  6. Jack WHO? Never heard/Read of him, but CONGRATS. hehe Dale in Indy
  7. How about the PRO'S & CON'S of installing a VISOR/PARACHUTE on a BUICK? Ben could lead off, don't ya think FITTY FO. I sure hope to meet Ben someday, I would wear a helmet & body armour, Dale in Indy
  8. He told a friend of mine this morning that he is open, and insurance wiil allow him to continue. He still had over 400 untouched cars. The building was over 500 feet long, 50 feet wide. Fire started in the middle, could be a car storted out, that's why inside car shows required pulling battery cables. Dale in Indy
  9. Back in 2010, seems like yesterday, I have always wondered, did the car have a two ton VISOR? Dale in Indy
  10. Over 220,000 1937 Buicks were built that year. The likelihood that they all left the factory using all the same parts is unlikely. Lots of different suppliers we used, quality control was NOT as good as today. Inspectors most likely allowed things to slip through, so to say ALL that all had the same size/number of wheel pin stripes, well, NO ONE CAN SAY FOR SURE THAT 'THREE' WAS ALWAYS THE CASE. Sure most did have three stripes, but don't be surprised to learn that a few got out with just two. I don't know about 1937, but do know for fact that in 1954 Buick built
  11. It's like saying, I'm not going to tell I'm right, OH,,,, I think I just did, hehe Dale in Indy
  12. FITTY FO, Buick should give you a new Puick with tow package for all YOU do promoting BUICK. YOU is the man. Looking great, Dale in Indy
  13. If you GOOGLE fire at Country Classic car sales, you will see a Video of the massive fire. Seems lots and lots of cars destroyed including the museum.. Dale in Indy
  14. From what I just learned, the main long building that was the office, and shop is what burnt. Next to that was several open car ports that had cars in. Many cars are/were on consignment, don't know if they got caught up in the fire. Not good, Dale in Indy
  15. I just sent a note to my friend that is a close friend of the Country Classic owner, hope to hear back in a few. Dale in Indy
  16. That CREAM/BROWN fast back must be Ben's brother, with the parachute above the windshield. Dale in Indy
  17. Talk about a bomb. We owned and rented rental trucks. The large ones had 50 saddle fuel tanks, trucks had to be returned with fuel up near the top of the SHORT fuel fill spot. One DARK night a fellow returned one, and I walked out to check it in. He unscrewed the filler cap, reached for his cig lighter to show me it was full. I pushed his hand away, and said NEVER DO THAT UNKESS YOU WANT TO DIE. He then realized how dumb that would have been. Dale in Indy
  18. Maybe it's the Lark I tore the door off of when it was two weeks old. Not it a fun thing to explain to my father, FOR SURE. I was 17, he said, JUST DON'T TELL,YOUR MOTHER. She never knew, new door and hinges added in all night body shop experience. Dale in Indy
  19. Thank you, I won't bug you as you have your hands/plate full. Dale in Indy
  20. Does anyone have info on why this thread is so quiet? I enjoyed it, and miss. Dale in Indy
  21. You could put a canister filled with ICE, and run coiled fuel line in it, did that in the 50's, but only works at the drag strip. Dale in Indy
  22. Other than the wagon, I really wonder how the other two perform in wind, and thru mountains. Dale in Indy
  23. Ben traded the tear drop for the VISOR. Got to love that Ben, and his HOT ROD 50 more door. Dale in Indy P.S. Ben wants to go fast with a parachute open over the windshield. Actually I don't hate visors, just like to razz old man Ben.
  24. Of course to some it's getting a parking spot near the action, and then they don't have to park outside and walk a mile. So may be that's just ONE reason to enter your piece that some don't consider it worthy, maybe. I have no complaints, at least they are supporting the show with their entry fee. Dale in Indy
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