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  1. Check out the Willys Overland Knight Registry. WOKR - a place to find what you need - also check out the forum.
  2. Go to the WOKR forum and also check the website . Great resource for you.
  3. I followed Tedd's advise when I installed the Newport wiper and the tricks mentioned made it easy . It is nice now not to worry about getting caught in the rain. Thanks again Tedd. Rick
  4. Doug - Great story on your car. Mine is a Model 96 4dr sedan. I have owned this car 47 years. I have never been to the Orphan Car Show. If I can help you out in any way let me know. Rick
  5. I have a 1928 Whippet also. Although these cars do not like to be pushed to hard you should be able to do 35 or 40 mph without any issues. Your problems could be a combination of things. Check to see if all your spring clamps are tight. Check all steering balls for play. The tie rods and steering arm should not have any play. Does your steering wheel have any play - the steering box can be adjusted. If you are not a member of the Willys Overland Knight Registry it could help you a great deal. The club sells replacement steering balls for your car. There is a forum where you can get help from other Whippet owners. They also have a library and sell reproduced manuals. That is a nice Whippet ! Rick
  6. The whippets all had poppett valve engines,
  7. Looks like it could be a 1930 Willys Overland Whippet. Rick
  8. Hupp36 - Sorry you could not make it to the WOKR Dixie Chapter Meet. We had a great time! Next year it is in Sarasota FL. Maybe you can make it then. Rick
  9. Mark - I installed one on my 1928 Overland Whippet. The Stewart Warner Vacuum pumps works very well and is my primary pump. I hid a electric pump inside the frame and it is difficult to spot unless you climb under the car. I have mine on a toggle switch and only use it on climbing high elevations on a long pull or when the tank runs dry. Very easy to throw that switch instead of taking the top off the tank. It does work through the tank without any problem. I only turn it on briefly because it will not shut off with the tank float. Rick
  10. Hupp36 - I will be at the WOKR meet. Looking forward to seeing Silly Willy and you ! Rick
  11. azcarman - Are you talking about the piece where the radio is? Rick
  12. I got the switch and installed it. Great part from Fusick. You guys were right - a button released the rod and it slid out. Rick
  13. Thanks for the advise guys. I checked ebay then ended up buying one from Fusick for half the price. I called in the order and had it the next day. They always have fast service! Rick
  14. I have to use both hands to pull out my headlight switch. I tried to lubricate it but it did not help. All lights work Ok but it takes all I got to pull it on. I bought a replacement switch . I was wondering if any one else has encountered this problem.Any suggestions when installing the new switch such as lubricating the rod. Will I most likely have a problem taking the rod out of the old switch? Thanks, Rick