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  1. Hi Brian. all pushrods out. only one of 12 lifters came out. tonight they will begin more intense soaking. thanks
  2. lifter bore should easily come out right ? one did, others stuck can i gently pry them out ? next i'll drop pan and check bearings. God this is fun
  3. Hi Brian. pushrods & rocker are out they look in good shape. not part of the frozen equation.
  4. been soaking pistons & rods. starter/gen. removed. water pump removed. yesterday tried reversing fly wheel no luck. clutch is not frozen to fly wheel. timing cover off. tonight i'll remove oil pan. fly wheel is locked. any ideas ?:mad:
  5. thanks everyone. i will continue to find an answer. will keep you posted
  6. Hi JB. the shaft of the pump is frozen plus i cannot remove it from engine. i've been tapping it from the front end, but hesitant to hit it two hard. dont want to break a gear i had it out 2 years ago for a rebuild. came out easy then but being "a bear " now.
  7. hi folks. some pictures of stuck water pump. shaft on water pump is frozen. pump will not budge. suggestions please.
  8. thanks JB . i'll take the gen/ start. out tonight
  9. hi folks. please bear with me. had this water pump off in the past for rebuild & then i re installed it. iwant to take it out again but can't. took out front & back pins got it out of gen/ starter. next took off timing cover to get a better look. all three gears are stuck. took off bolt and lock washer from front shaft of starter in hopes of removing gear, no luck. question: can i hit back on pump shaft to dislodge even tho it's keyed. "C" clamp is off and the3 bolts from timing housing. any suggestions ? thank you.:confused::confused::confused:
  10. my apologies. it is the water pump that is stuck. i had it out for rebuild and then reinstalled. i do have a crank. i'll be out of town sat. and in town sunday
  11. both i believe. my thought was i jammed the water pump in. i've had the pump out for a rebuild & then reinstalled. my thought was get the pump out, then see if the crank turns. my starter generator is working, but when engaged to fly wheel it stops. i live northe of harrisburg pa. as i said i took of the timeing cover to get a better look, nothing broken
  12. Hi folks i have a really stuck starter. had it out for repair & i reinstalled. i took off the timing gear cover, unhooked all necessary pump parts but still stuck. please advise thank you
  13. motor turns too slow, starter motor engages, turns engine over. what should i be looking for ? thanks
  14. Mark , any assistance you can give me would be appreciated
  15. mark, i also have a 24 6 45 that im trying to get the engine to turn
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