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  1. I was able to grind out slot to gain enough gap. However the lift block has worn to where I was unable tp gap prior.
  2. I need an extra shaft for the hand crank on my spare 1917 Maxwell engine. It's the 6 7/8" overall length #5719 depicted. 5719 Hand Crank shaft & claw.docx5719
  3. Howard as far as location the Serial Number plate on the dash is the only place I have located the number. I have searched the frames and not located any stamped numbers on them. The engine numbers and dates are as on cars. Gary
  4. Howard, Trucks are: 1917 1-4899, 1918 4900-9786, 1919 9787-12950, 1920 12951-20281 and 1921 20282 and higher. Gary
  5. The extra hole is for engine's with out a starter so a choke pull could be positioned forward at radiator bottom for hand cranking!
  6. I bought a float slug T6201B from Snyder's Antique Auto and sliced it on a spindle and then used hole saws to make 3 ring style floats for KD carbs. Just used small brass screws to fasten to KD float arm.
  7. Members all! Final Chapter to the steering worm saga. A machinist friend was able to polish the worm slightly. We then rotated the the worm gear 180 degrees ( so it is touching with teeth not yet worn). Further noting the sequence of holes in the mounting hub, we discovered that the boss was an eccentric and rotation allowed a tighter alignment on the sector. After this learning process, the result has removed the excess travel in steering and original performance obtained. Sometimes experience is a wonderful teacher! Gary Gates
  8. Thanks Joe and "Beltfed", I had all the info from 10 years ago, but it left me wondering if there was new info. The conclusion then was use only IAT and can be used with EG or PG. I guess that must be your concensus. Thanks Gary
  9. Dan, The 27 exchange book is probably too new. The Maxwell trucks were from 1916-1921, then Dodge sectors might work. Thanks for looking. Maybe some one has an earlier cross oldex.
  10. What experience does everyone have with the best antifreeze (rust Inhibiter) for 1910-20s engines?
  11. Thank you for all the good responses! I have some places to check now! One other thought was that if anyone has a 1920's interchange parts book, it might show the sectors mfg. I'm sure Maxwell didn't make it them selves and it was probably used on several cars and trucks.
  12. Does anyone have experience with an independent foundry or small foundry that has or would consider recasting replacement parts that could be re-machined as replacements? I would prefer a business that I could just furnish the parts to copy and not to completely rebuild the sector.
  13. I am looking for a source for steering sector parts for my 1917 Maxwell Truck. The worm and worm wheel are both badly worn. (Maxwell # 's worm B1739 and Worm wheel 20053) I would like to update it to a reciprocating ball set up like my 1919 Maxwell Truck has. Does any one have any spare parts or know a source? Gary Gates
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