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  1. 1956 Buick Roadmaster, restored, 4dr Hdtp. - Classified Ad
  2. I decided to sell my 56 Buick, it is listed in the classifieds. Pix there, also details/pix on this web page: jerrysbuick
  3. Some of you followed and helped with my restoration on my 56 Roadmaster. I have reluctantly decided to sell it, since I seldom use it. New paint/chrome/interior/brakes/etc.... $17,000 or best offer. Will put it on ebay in a week, about the 25th of July. 308-324-3004 . Car is in Lexington, NE, about the center of the state on I-80. More photos and info here: jerrysbuick
  4. I saw and ad in Hemmings Classic Car magazine , they are selling oil with extra zinc in it.
  5. I printed off those scans and put the printed out versions in my 56's glove box. Worked great!
  6. Alan does great work. He did my 56 speedometer/radio and clock, all work great!
  7. My oldest son was here and my grandaughter posed with me and the Buick.
  8. Second part of the restoration of a 60 Buick Electra 225 convertible. Hemmings Classic Car Magazine, issue #`07, Aug 2013.
  9. My son was here with his family. We all piled in the 56 for a run into town to Taco John's. First time I've had 6 in her, but she rode fine. Kids kept looking for seatbelts!
  10. I don't see how you guys handle more than one old car. My 56 sits in the garage here at home in the summer. My F150 sits out under the garage overhang(covers the cab and some of the bed). In the winter, I rent a place in town for the Buick, so I can keep the F150 in the garage for my sensitive tush in the cold Nebraska winters.
  11. Just for fun I was looking for a 45 rpm car record player to put in my Buick. Prefer the RCA or ADC2500. Open to others though.
  12. R.H. one on ebay: Chrome Housing RH Rear Tail Lamp 1956 Buick Light Tailamp Tailight 56 A1A 7g | eBay
  13. Looks nice, good car if you can drive it that far.
  14. I saw an episode about it on Velocity Channel show 'Chasing Classic Car's. Wild cars, wild prices.
  15. I know some people have had good luck with J&B Weld, not sure it is right for this though.
  16. I got the Buick home from storage in town. Put in the NOS headlight switch, got the rebuilt radio and clock in, they work good, as does the speedometer I had rebuilt last fall. GOt it back in before putting it in storage. Nice to have everything working. BUT the power steering pump was sorta noisy, was low on fluid, so hope that takes care of that. Now if it will just warm up for some crusin'. What happened to 'global warming'? Bypassed Nebraska.
  17. It's not that bad of a job, I didn't think. Steele's sure makes the best weather strip.
  18. Alan J Kris did my speedometer, clock and radio. He does all makes. Great guy to deal with and really knows his stuff. He advertises in the Bugle, under 'Services Offered' there in the ads. 570-376-3952. He gets back to you pretty quick, if you have to leave a message.
  19. I get this message in a yellow bar when I come to this site: I've turned off HTML in signatures due to a forum spam issue. Text only from now on. So is there a spam problem here? Maybe it's just my computer detecting this? I don't know much about this, but thought I'd mention it.
  20. I always call him, no website that I know of. Real nice guy. I usually called in the morning, you can leave a message and he gets back to you pretty quick. He said he shipped my radio/clock the other day. Takes awhile, he's pretty busy, but a steady worker.
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