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  1. Some of you followed and helped with my restoration on my 56 Roadmaster. I have reluctantly decided to sell it, since I seldom use it. New paint/chrome/interior/brakes/etc.... $17,000 or best offer. Will put it on ebay in a week, about the 25th of July. 308-324-3004 . Car is in Lexington, NE, about the center of the state on I-80. More photos and info here: jerrysbuick
  2. My oldest son was here and my grandaughter posed with me and the Buick.
  3. My Buick(and I) were in a wedding party a couple of years ago. It was the wedding of a friend's daughter. She had seen the BUick the year I got it and when she heard I had restored it, asked me to haul them around on their wedding day. The Buick was featured in their wedding photos. Sadly, the wedding did not last, could not have been the Buick's fault, could it?
  4. My son brought the grandkids up for Labor Day. Olivia liked the Buick. They enjoyed their ride in it to the doughnut shop.
  5. Neat thread. I like those 50's conversions.
  6. What language is she singing in?
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