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  1. For ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:City><ST1:place w:st="on">Sale</ST1:place>! Don’t separate the twins!! $7,900 takes both! 1923 Studebaker roadster (light 6 I am told) and 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Car. ffice:office" /><O:p></O:p> The Dodge is in good shape and was in running condition when previous owner passed away 5 years ago.. It is complete with 5 new Firestone tires( 5.25X21), A new Northeast Electric Co. starter/generator, mileage odometer shows 25,926 miles. The top is complete, but needs new fabric. Rust is very little. Should be an easy project for rehab. 4 cyl. Motor block numbers include 19-233 and 5722. The Studebaker roadster was reported to be a light 6 , and the seized motor was replaced with a big or special 6. Numbers include serial # 1071428 , Mileage 14,544. Head 6 cyl.#120445-5, exhaust manifold#120459, Rt. side of block#31824 and 120-442-5, distributor is Remy 826A. The wheels are 12 spoke and in good condition . The tires are 33x4.5 rear and 32x4 on the front . It needs a generator, radiator cap, seat and to be put back together. I have hinges for the passenger door and the drivers door is hinged and in good shape. The rear fenders need welded up, and dents removed. It is a rolling chassis, with flat tires. I have a good Ohio title. I have sandblasted the doors and the rt. front fender, but am focusing on several other hotrod projects ( 1952 Ford COE) and 1929 Ford Model A Roadster, and they provide more attention than my 76 yr. old body can take! <O:p></O:p> These vehicles have great potential and my price is firm! I have more pictures and will answer all questions that I am capable of. Rod <st1:City w:st="on"><ST1:place w:st="on">Griffin</ST1:place></st1:City> 740-698-0435
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