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  1. Not really an overheating issue, but it will get over 190 on a hot day going uphill in stop and go traffic (plenty of that here in Los Angeles). Never boils over and runs at 180 under normal driving conditions.
  2. Is it possible to remove the grill to install an electric fan, or must the radiator, fan, belt and water pump be removed? Just looking for the easiest way to do this. Thanks! 1936 120b 4-door touring sedan
  3. Any '36 120b 4-door touring sedan wiper parts?
  4. Thanks! Would you happen to have any other angles? I am going to fabricate these and could use as a few more angles as well as how the bar connects to the windshield.
  5. Custom Auto Service in Santa Ana, CA has a good selection. Custom Auto Service - Packard Motor Car Restoration Specialist Decals are about 2/3 the way down: http://www.packardsinternational.com/pdf/Project_Parts_Price_List.pdf
  6. I'm curious about the sliding bar that connects from the windshield frame to the wiper arm. Does anyone have a better picture of this item? As this part is unavailable, I am planning to fabricate a pair for my wipers and only have found this photo from a service letter.
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