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  1. Hello all, I have a 66 El Camino that the original owner had Chevrolet install a left and right fender mounted spotlight on the vehicle. When the second owner brought the car to Arkansas from New Mexico he traded those lights for the transportation. I would like to find a set and replace them. I know these are rare as hens teeth but I am looking all the same. This is the Delco brand and mounts on the fender not through the a pillar. Thanks
  2. Anyone know someone with knowledge of hope these cars go together in the East TN region? I am struggling a bit with reassembly.
  3. awesome, perfect. Thank you.
  4. It does mount on the body but I'm trying to find out what type of hardware mounts it to the body (nuts, bolt, washers, etc.) and if there are spacers/bushings to fill those holes to keep it in place. Thanks for working on it with me.
  5. This is what I have. I need to know how this connects to the body. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply but I have the hinge in place and installed on the hood, what I cannot find is how that hinge bolts to the vehicle.
  7. All, Needing pictures of how the hood hinges on a 41 Pontiac 2627 connect to the body. I think I am missing some parts and need confirmation. Thanks in advance Jason
  8. There is a metallic higher pitched knock (like two combination wrenches being struck together) that means trouble right away and a lower pitched wooden sounding knock (like two large wooden dowels/belaying pins being struck together) which is bad but you can keep the motor going for longer if needed. That information is from being underway on boats for many years as a diesel mechanic and needing to know how long you can push an engine depending on what your situation is. I have already determined that it is more than likely the main bearing on the crank. Spark removal from #1 make
  9. So my father and I rebuilt the 239 in my 41 Streamliner Coupe (machine work done locally with seats installed by them) and it now has a (wooden) knock on the number one cylinder. I am not going to be home for another couple of months to troubleshoot further i.e. compression, looking for shaving in the oil, dropping the pan for inspection, etc. but was wondering if there is a source bigger parts like the cranks, etc. for these engines out there or anyone who has reman engines already done (real longshot). I am gathering information so that when I find out the culprit I can proceed with less del
  10. Looking for the SSTL Waterfall piece for a 1941 Pontiac Streamliner Model 2627. The person polishing/straightening my stainless burnt this piece and needs to replace it. Any lads are appreciated. Thanks J
  11. Well I finally got the engine started and all the brake work done although they need to be adjusted, it runs and moves by itself. I'll post some more pictures as I get a chance. However I lost my partner in crime in this restoration as my dad passed in August so the going will be much slower now.
  12. Thanks for all the replies everyone. It's not a proportioning valve as far as I know I just didn't know what else to call it. It's not really a t now that I look at it it's more of a straight piece that has a hole in the middle so you have two ports one on each side and some sort of fitting going through the middle for the front brake line. I didn't replace the copper washers and that's probably my problem I'll give it a try thanks everyone.
  13. Hello all, I am replaced the master cylinder on my 41 Pontiac but had to use the same proportioning valve that came with it and it has a bit of a leak that I can't get to stop. Does anyone know of a place to source these parts? I don't need the brake line connections or the brake light sensor just the tea for the most part. My dad was pretty good at sorcing these kinds of parts and has been my partner in this project until his unexpected passing in August and so now I'm trying to pick up the pieces. Any help is appreciated thanks
  14. Thanks it will look better after the final buff. Not quite ready for that yet.
  15. Thanks All. It is now running, driving, brakes are bled and operational. Still miles more to go.
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