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  1. Not sure, just moved and my manuals are packed somewhere... I will search the web.
  2. The fuel gauge on my 66 cutlass goes past full every time I start her and goes to the correct (?) reading after a while. I filled her up last week and the gas gauge has remained pegged above full. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the tip, I will check them out
  4. I am working on my 54 98 4 door sedan. The steering wheel is pretty badly cracked and in need of restoration. Does anyone have a recommendation for this? Also, I would rather not take her of the road is there a source for a replacement wheel? Thanks!
  5. Were you successful in finding your steering wheel? I am doing a 54 98 4 door sedan project as well. Pretty much loaded, minus the A/C. I am looking for a turquoise blue wheel, any suggestions? Steve
  6. looks like it could be for a 54 98. I am in search of a wheel for my car. Is yours for sale or do you know of one? Steve
  7. I am trying to figure out the same ques for my 54..where lines go to make the wipre work. There is a hard line from fule pump that slits to rubber 1 going tot he top inlet of wiper moter...no idea where other one goes. There is an outlet on the bottom, nothing attached. Do you have any pics or canu draw me a diagram? Thanks!
  8. If it is like the one for my 4 barrell, you do not take apart the center section, you soak it in solvent to clean it, use 1 pint of oil in the outer shell and re-asemble.
  9. Can anyone provide me witht he correct routing of the vacuum lines to the motor, switch and winshield washer bottle? Thanks, Steve
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