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  1. Post it on the other Stude forum, they tend to have stuff that's for the later years. It helps if you state your location. You don't have to be specific if you don't want. But City and State would be helpful. General Studebaker-Specific Discussion
  2. It may be a long shot, but try this place, they have an amazing amount of old car fabrics. I sent them a small sample for a 1941 and they had it in stock. Never hurts to try them. Largest Selection of Cloth, Vinyl & Leather Automobile Upholstery - SMS Auto Fabrics
  3. I have decided to sell my 1927 EW Taxi as i no longer want any car i have to work on. Here is a video of the car before i started replacing the to and rear window and seat support wood. Seat support wood and window wood is done. As is the front sunshade. All roof bows have been reproduced. Side wood above doors and wood that goes under the rear roof lip is not done. Car comes with enough wood to complete that. I have the top cover and the head liner which is good enough for a pattern. Rear seats and windows have been removed as have the rear seat. All parts come with the car. Asking $6,500 or
  4. Since no one seemed interested in buying the whole car. I have decided to part it out. I have a rat rodder who is interested in the body and frame. But not the running gear. Motor, Trans, and differential, and four good wood wheels with tires. Any one interested in these parts before i put them on Ebay.
  5. The metal is shaped and is slightly bow formed. More than likley to give it added strength against wind pressure. It goes from the top piece that goes above the windshield and attaches to the two side pieces and the front one. This keeps the top material that covers the visor from collapsing inward from the wind. I have not taken a picture of the finished product yet, but may be able to get someone to take one and send it to me. I purchased my vehicle and all looked fairly well, except the visor. When i started working on it. I discovered that all the top wood would need replaced as well as so
  6. No i did not get anything of substance. But i have it done by trail and error and it looks good. I had a good side piece and about 90% good piece that goes above the windshield. So was able to go from that. and had enough of the tin to use as a pattern.Have the top bows done, and some of the side rail pieces. Carpenter has started on the rear most piece, but i had to leave for a few months on a job in Guam. So it's at a standstill right now.
  7. Am going to put my 1931 Model 54 up for sale on E-bay soon. Posting it here first. Best offer over $5,000 97% complete car with some spare parts. Have no started it since i bought it, but engine turns freely. Needs complete restoration, a repair or replacement of right rear fender. Pictures available to interested parties. Request via private e-mail
  8. Most of your tune up parts are available at your local NAPA store. But if you want you can get what you need (OEM parts) from. Chuck Collins at Studebaker parts.com Studebaker Parts ON-LINE You are lucky, as there are many venders that sell OEM parts for your car. I encourage you to Join the SDC. And the local chapter in your area. Join the fun and adventure of owning a Studebaker with others. Here's the link to the Northwest Chapter based out of Portland. Their newsletter will give you all the info you need on how to join. and parts dealer info. etc. Studebaker Drivers Club - Northwest Ch
  9. When you say axle, can you be more specific?? Is it a straight axle or a coil spring axle and is that everything side to side?? Or???
  10. Does any one have a picture of the sunvisor section that extends past the front windshield wood without the covering. All i have left of the original that the wood worms didn't eat is one corner section and the metal plate. I need a picture or a drawing of it to make sure we have reproduced all of the wood pieces.
  11. Does anyone have or know a source for these door check parts for a 1927 sedan. I need 2 of item #1 Link and 4 of Item #4 Bolt upper check roof rail http://i697.photobucket.com/albums/vv337/bridgegaurd/Untitled00000-03-1.jpg
  12. This should match your filter-if not find the oldest parts store in your area and have a real parts man look it up in a catalog not a computer. The Fram F-1 canister was used on many vehicles for years. I believe the number changed later on to C100 WIX <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td class="blackmedium" width="130">Part Number:</td> <td class="blackmedium">51001</td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td class="blackmedium">UPC Number:</td> <td class="blackm
  13. Whats the possibility that these will interchange?? 1935-1937 STUDEBAKER REAR AXLE SHAFT-S84 - eBay (item 120416898677 end time Feb-25-11 12:24:42 PST)
  14. Ask on the Studebaker Forum (the other one) about who bought out the Lionel Stone business. If i remeber correctly one person bought the speed equip half and another the rest.Studebaker Drivers Club Forum
  15. Stolen Car Alert- 1911 EMF- Posted from another board
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