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  1. Hello, I just bought a 1929 Model AA a few weeks ago and found that there was some water mixed with the oil. I thus replaced the head gasket, and (visually but carefully) checked during that operation that there was no damage on the block or the head themselves. I torqued the head at 60 lbs (30 lbs, then 40, then 50 and 60, I'm sure you all know that and do the same) and did it a second time after the first run. The problem is that I still have water in the oil and just don't understand where it can come from. Any idea on what can cause this?? Thanks a
  2. Morning all, I just bought a 1926 AA model truck and was looking for any type of factory or workshop manuals. Could someone tell me where is the best site to download them? Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day. JJ TEVEL
  3. Hello all, I'm currently working on my 1960 Lark VI which was assembled in Belgium (where I live), ans I need to rebuild the entire exhaust line. Does anyone have some sort of in formation on par numbers and suppliers I could contact for or some drawing I could follow to built it from universal parts. Thanks a lot in advance for your help and support. JJ
  4. Hello all, Still no answer to that post. No one having available parts for my headlights???????? Thanks and great day. JJ.
  5. Hi, As you can see on these pictures, the headlight bowl and reflector are OK, but I'm missing the trim and the fixture (3 first pictures) that hold the lens on it (I have the lens). Many thanks in advance for your answer. Have a great day. JJ
  6. Morning all, I'm looking for a trim and a fixture for the head lamp lenz of my 1925 Standard Six. If any body has one set for sale or know where it can be found, I will greatly appreciate your help and support on this. Have a GREAT day all. JJ
  7. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!! Very useful links.
  8. Morning/afternoon all, You are all right, there is nothing better than pictures to precise what is needed. I should have worked first that way. So here they are. Have a GREAT day. JJ.
  9. Hello, I will. Thanks you very much for the advise.
  10. Hello, Driving to a wedding ceremony with my 1925 Standard Six, I lost on of the headlamp glass with the stapping circle and plate. I'm looking for replacement parts so that I can have my old lady back to (olmost) perfect. Thanks in advance fpor every body. JJ.
  11. Good morning all, I have an issue with my Manhattan 1952 overdrive solenoid and need to change it. I found a AC Delco ( Item 1118134) that I would like to fit on in replacement, but this one gets 4 terminals connections instead of the two on my original one. Should somebody have a wiring diagram I could use, or could somebody tell me the terminal numbers I need to use to connect it. Many thanks in advance to all for your help on this. JJ.
  12. Sorry for not being clear enough. I'm a French speaking person (from Belgium) and might have put to much trouble in my post. I'm not looking for te part anymore as I had it printed already. My post was just to communicate to those who are looking for the same kind of part that the person who made mine could help them. Sorry again for the confusion. Great day to all.......... JJ.
  13. Good morning all, Looking after a pretty scarce ignition rotor for my WAGNER K815 distributor, I had 3D printed by one of my colleague. He just needs a picture and the dimentions of the original rotor and of the distributor shaft, he then can print a part that works really well. The only thing you need to add on is the small brass contact that flow the spark to the cap contacts. Just in case some of you are inerested, here is his mail address carrieri@hotmail.fr Have a great day. JJ.
  14. Good morning, I'm restoring my 1925 Standard six and I'm missing a WAGNER K815 ignition rotor. I thinl the reference is D100. Many thanks in advance for your help on this. JJ.
  15. Morning all, I would need to buy some flexible joints for the power shaft of my 1925 Studebaker Standard six. Some advises for the installation should also be welcome. The current ones were "home made" a while ago, from a converyor belt, but they now need to be replaced. They were a bit tight as they were a little bit too tick, and I'm afraid it induced too much constrain on them between the bolts places. I guess that it was not perfect for the bearings as well. Many thanks ijn advance for your help and support on this. Have a great day all. JJ.:confused:
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