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  1. have a 1920 model T touring that i picked up a month ago and can't get the front passenger door to close looks like its too big for the opening, If I push real hard It will close,, tried re working the hinge ,,, no luck. ???
  2. Carl thanks for your words ,, man that's a nice cad, my neighbor has several old caddies,, he is a restorer, good guy, the buick is a great car and fun but I have too many ,, trying to cut down a bit, the Buick is a 20 footer, fun to drive but you have to like the old cars, double clutching etc, as you see my 32 I am also a hot rodder, drag racer, but Im stuck in the 20 's , not a lot of us left it seems. my email is Nanceb38@sbcglobal.net drop me a line , Bob
  3. 1928 Buick Roadster , low mileage, nice driver, good shape, 18K
  4. yep the 7.00 s are Big but its a big car,, the only little problem is the barely fit into the fender well . I need to put a carburetor on the car and fire it up one of these days,
  5. Bertram this is a 621 and yes the tires are larger than they are supposed to be as I like the larger tires ,,, the rims are the ones that came on the car in 1929 Bob
  6. HI Bertram I bought the car from a friend who's dad got it in 1951. if I decided to keep it yes I could go through DMV and get a title.. but also someone buying the car could also, actually nothing is missing on the car, it needs interior, as it set inside a barn since 1951,,, other than thats its complete, even has a clock in the dash, there is a serial number on the car of course, I can sell it with a bill of sale and the buyer can figure out how to title it,, the back lugage carrier is a bit tweaked other than that the body is straight with just surface rust, new top and 6 new tires, my email is Nanceb38@sbcglobal.net
  7. I put a tape on the car this afternoon and it is 121 WB,, and I already have both bumpers, The brakes look like they are new also .
  8. HI Mark today I drained out the 90 wt oil the previous owner had in the rear end and replaced it with 600 wt stam cylinder oil . I was going to replace the oil in the transmission but could not figure out were to put it in at ,,,is there a plug that I missed? also the steering box get the thick oil also I guess . Bob Nance
  9. Hi John thanks for the info, there is a tag on the frame at the right wheel area, the Vin number that was used on the registration is the engine number ,, neat that you mentioned about the whiskey runner, comment, when I was working on my 1929 Graham Paige I removed the left kick panel in front and there was old whiskey bottle wrapped in a cloth , Corked with a bit of some type of liquid still in it, ( almost looked like oil now) ,, it was parked in 1950 by a friends dad ,in Auburn Cal , still have the both!
  10. Hi Mark.. it does have the fold down windshield and a rear ,mounted spare tire,
  11. Hi John the tag on the firewall has been lost,, the guy who had the car bought it in 1953, but during the paint work it was lost,, (someone probably still has it somewhere ) thanks
  12. Mark the rumble seat needed work and after pulling it out I noticed the original materiel underneath the springs ( it was a green Naugahyde with a funny pattern ) , so I am going to recondition the seat back and recover both, I'm thinking of a brown Naugahyde material , the car is silver metallic, cheap paint job in 2000. eventually I will redo it , any idea where I can check what color the interior should be and what colors the 28 could have had. I'm thinking of a Brown materiel for the rumble seat ( I used to run a upholstery shop in my earlier life ) Jack of all trades master of none ! my neighbor has a restored 1927-8 Cadillac Roadster at his place now that's real close to the Buick, same trunk lid, seat , original top , (Mine is a 32 I think,, smaller but looks ok , I need Irons for the correct one ) thanks again for any info. Bob
  13. HI I acquired a 1928 Buick last month and looking at rebuilding the Rumble seat , someone put some black Naugahyde on it but some original material is still there, any pictures someone has of a good seat would be neat, I ran a shop a long time ago so doing it myself, just bought 5 gals of steamer oil for tranny and DIF, also rattles a bit at 35 MPH ,,going to check bearings soon,, someone also molded the Golf door over a long time ago,, should I re attach a door there ? thanks for any input
  14. I think its the original engine as I got it from a friend and his dad bought it in 195o and drove it home,, its only got 56000 miles on it, I will get the numbers tomorrow . I think its a 621 , Bob
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