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  1. I recently acquired a mint-in-the-original box convertible top from a auto trim shop that was ordered for a customer who never showed up to have it installed. It is darker red in color in Haartz pin-point vinyl. Top was manufactured by CROWN in Ohio and I believe this top is correct for 1941-1948 convertibles. Does anyone know if this red in color was available then? It's very attractive. Has the plastic rear window. If someone can use it it can be had very inexpensively for $175.00 plus shipping of about $25.00
  2. Yes, similar but the Ford doesn't have the bottom short "fin" and mine has a taller thinner fin on top. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. I have exhausted all my efforts and cannot find what this NOS 1950s bumper guard fits. It was mounted on a piece of wood as a piece of art when I got it. Back in 2010, someone had the same guard with the same question. A 1951 Mercury is close but I don't think it is.
  4. i am using my cell phone as we've been out of power due to a storm now over 12 hrs. hope to up load more tomorrow.
  5. As this is the first time I've placed an ad here, I'm having difficulty adding pictures even after I've re-sized them and it keeps saying only 9. mb allowed and I'm well under but it still won't let me change it. Any help out there>
  6. my number is 253 225 6433. call most anytime after 6:15AM west coast. I'll add additional photos shortly.
  7. Sorry for not including that. It's my first time and didn't know where to put that. No trades but price is $17,950.00 but we'll consider a sensible offer
  8. starts easily drives well. Great oil pressure, all lights work brightly. Stops straight and well. Located in Tacoma, WA
  9. did you find the Tungsol lights? If not I do have some buried and they're new.
  10. Other than having an upholstery shop make a carpet for our 'series 50 cpe, what other options are there for floor covering? The original rubber is well-worn and cracked and we're going to put the car up for sale shortly.
  11. need some help determining approx torque specs and tightening sequence for a 1932 series 50
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