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  1. Hi Kings, I am working on the body work of a 1916 model 83 at the moment, do you have an body parts that you are able to spare? Thanks John M from South Australia
  2. Hi, Have you sold the Overland mudguards yet? I am working on our model 83 and the front guards look very similar to yours. I need back guards and would like to know if they are still available and what condition they are in please, Regards John M
  3. Hi Jo Bo, The fenders look pretty straight, do they have much wrong with them? We have been working with two reasonable fenders for our model 83T but realise that they are a rare item and it would be sensible to save anything of merit if at all possible. We need to find a a decent set of rear fenders for our Overland and a good back seat section also. I expect that freight from Billings to Los Angelos would be quite costly but there are people who could handle the freight to Australia from LA. What vehicles are you interested in and do you need any parts for your project? What is Montana like
  4. Hi Jo Bo, It is two years after your post re the model 85 T post but have have the parts gone to the scrap man as the fenders look as if they would be useful and may fit our model 83 Overland? Thanks John M
  5. Hi, I am looking for a 250 cubic inch 4 cylinder Continental side valve motor and wonder if the Star engine is a car or truck engine; I believe they used Continentals. Do you have any truck wheels with 6 metal spokes please? Thanks John M
  6. Hi What age and size is the engine please? Thanks John M
  7. Hi CJ, It was very interesting to read your storey re the Overland restoration. My brothers and I live in Adelaide South Australia and are attempting to restore my grand father's 1916 model 83 Overland that was pulled apart in 1946 and parts left out under the trees. We have bought a model 83 rolling chassis on ebay and will use it as parts for our car. I was interested to read that you made your own brake drums, did you do that by heating and rolling them into shape or did you weld a rolled ring onto the flat disk? I hope you find a good home for your car, Regards John Magarey
  8. Could you email your picture to me at jmagarey@picknowl.com.au as I know of some one restoring a model 75 who may have parts. What model are your spare guards off as I am looking for Model 83 Overland parts? thanks John M
  9. Can any one help with freighting the front and rear body section from a 1916 Overland tourer from Nebraska to Long Beach California please. Alternatively the body parts could be sent to Newhope Arkansas if able to be taken in the next week. They should be ok on a flat bed truck if covered or in a trailer. Thanks for your help, John Magarey. my email is jmagarey@picknowl.com.au
  10. Can anybody identify this seemingly French (Renault ?) engine that we found in a farm shed in South Australia. We are looking to sell/ swap it so that it does not end up sitting in our shed for as long as it was in the last one! Thanks for your interest. Please email John M on jmagarey@picknowl.com.au
  11. Hi, I am looking for some means to bring a 1916 Overland car with minimal body from Newhope Arkansas to Long Beach California before Christmas. Does any one know of a good cost effective way of getting the job done please? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks John M
  12. Could anyone suggest what would be the most economical way to transport an old car from Arizona to Australia please? Are there companies that will handle the pickup and the shipping or will I need to engage the services of two separate people? Thanks John M
  13. Hi, Did you ever find the International truck trans gear? We have a 1923? model 101 Inter truck with an over head valve engine and the sloping bonnet. I have a friend in Australia who may be able to help with your enquiry. Regards John M
  14. Hi JO BO, Have the model 83 Overland parts gone yet, if not could you let me know what you have left please? Thanks John M
  15. Hi Rusty, Thanks for your thoughts re the Overland. I agree that people enjoy seeing some thing a bit different.At the last "Bay to Birdwood" in Adelaide South Australia, a pair of late 1920s Willys Whippets looking as if they had just been dragged out of the scrub, having sheets of roofing iron as a hood, drew alot of attention. Regards John M
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