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  1. Thanks for your interest. Yes, I still have the carb also a reconditioned riser if needed. I look forward to hearing from you. Mike
  2. Never mind. I know it took me over a year to find this one. Same old story! I have researched it and it does also fit a 1928 Standard 6 for anybody looking.
  3. Carb is definately from a Standard 6 and is still here. cheers
  4. A really good heat riser having been resleeved and had the spindle re bushed. Unused since. Selling for way under cost! $60 plus shipping. Paypal accepted.
  5. This is a Marvel carb in good working order with no parts missing. marked on BRONZE body 10-103 on one side and 65-26 on the other with letter F underneath. Also stamped just under this is the number 918808 in very small numerals. The cork float looks good, all the springs are present and I believe it is correct for model years 1926, 1927 and 1928. The outlet diameter is 48mm (1 and 7/8 inch) I also have a good heat riser; see separate ad. I will post anywhere in the world but please ask for a cost before bidding. Asking $230 plus shipping which is less than I paid for it!:mad: paypal best by
  6. Hello Phil My family came from around Burton but thats not really relevant is it. Anyway I have a 1927 Standard 6 and am in Devon if you ever need to look at a complete car. I have a book, "American cars in England" which has a picture of a Dominion on the front cover (in Somerset actually). I also have several other books on Buicks if you need any info on build numbers and locations etc. Good luck. cheers Mike
  7. I have finished the top end rebuild of my Standard 6 and have found a good Marvel carb but still need a decent heat riser with the butterfly intact. Anybody out there???
  8. Hello again. Hershey didnt produce any suitable parts so I am very interested in your Marvel carb and riser if you have one. My son is in Aus for 3 weeks at the moment so transport by him may be a possibility. If you email me your number I will call you (at a sensible hour!) if that is OK with you or you can always email me direct if you wish at mike@michaelralph.co.uk Mike
  9. From the album: Member Galleries

    recently removed one of six similar valves
  10. Sorry I don't. I believe that 26 27 and 28 were the same t3 carb and I guess the riser would be the same for each year. More than that I am in the dark! Mike
  11. I cannot add to the discussion really apart from saying my car has a Holden badge down on the B post area. I have been telling people the chassis was made in Flint. Am I more likely right than wrong? Mike
  12. Thanks Stuart, that sounds very interesting. I will call Colin and see what Hershey might bring and then get back in touch. Once again thanks for the message. best regards Mike
  13. I just canno get there from UK this year but is anyone going who would like to look out for a good Marvel carb and riser for my 27 Standard 6. If so I would be pleased to hear from you and agree a decent shopping budget. Mike
  14. Hi there My car was imported back from Australia (New South Wales) and I believe it was built as a chassis in Flint and bodied by Holden in Australia, presumably as it was an export model this is why it is right hand drive which comes in handy over here! You are right though in that a lot of Buicks were built in England I think in the 20s and 30s and were extremely popular. best regards, Mike
  15. Thanks everybody, I just called Egge (8 hours time difference) and John placed my order for 6 valves which should be with me in about 1 week. Great stuff! Am I right in saying that Olsen is the best bet for a new head gasket? Mike Ralph
  16. I recently reported that the compression on my 27 Standard 6 was all over the place, well now I have the head off and I see I need 6 new exhaust valves. Everything else is in excellent condition so I suspect the near zero valve clearance are to blame or maybe the wrong fuel. I have only done a few hundred miles so cannot say what has been used previously. Help now neede as to where can I get exhaust valves. There is no chance in UK so any advice out there???? Mike
  17. Just been to the Chapelton Steam and Vintage Fair in North Devon and just for fun thought my youtube link may be of interest.
  18. Can anyone out there advise me where I can get a head gasket. I have been blaming the carb for the poor running at low revs so yesterday I checked the compression and apart from No3 which was about 60psi the others were half that. I quickly started to check valve clearances and found about zero on No1 exhaust so this afternoon I will check and adjust the lot but am bracing myself for having to do a valve job...we will see. Funny thing is everyone says how quiet and smooth she idles! Mike 1927 Standard 6 2000 Rav4 2008 Merc Vito V6 2004 Hymer 544/Ducatto Fiat Dog, cats and grand kids
  19. Good Marvel carb, riser, heat tube. Any bits relating to that part of a 1927 Standard 6. Also need spark plug side plate.
  20. Didn't manage to take my 1927 Standard 6 but saw this lovely 1913 Buick, rather rare this side of the Atlantic I would think. Also a 1960 with Elvis in attendance!
  21. Anybody have a Marvel K3 carb in reasonably good condition for a 1927 Buick Standard 6? If so please get in touch with Mike via mike@michaelralph.co.uk I am in UK but its a small world now! cheers
  22. Has anyone seen a Marvel carb like this one? There are lots of variations I have seen literature for but not one like this. My 27 Buick seems to run rich as it doesnt need the choke from cold. I understand the screw (top right) is the slow running and screw (bottom right) is for the main jet. Its a bit of a leap of faith I'm afraid but any advice on the adjustment sequence would be much welcomed!
  23. I purchased and fitted new Champion W18 plugs which is the original plug as specified by Buick and have fitted brass spade connectors which look very neat but there is no way I would think that the cover plate would fit over them (I am missing the plate on my 27 car anyway). On a different subject does anyone know where I can obtain a rebuild kit for the Marvel carb; mine is a bit leaky. Mike Ralph, Devon UK
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