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  1. Hi Wanted a 1916 or 1917 studebaker four for parts. Must have engine. Thanks
  2. Hi I have a 1916 studebaker but mechanist lost or sold the engine's block. Need a complete engine or drivetrain or replace the engine with another. Anynoe knows about any similar expirience?
  3. Hi Need a 1916 or 1917 studebaker engine four cylinder
  4. Thanks all guys wanted to help. I found one engine thanks!
  5. Well I have not ask him any money and he asks for a spare part I did not seek him and did not ask any money !
  6. Ok send an emai to me fernandohermosillo@hotmail.com. And sure can sell one to you
  7. I am located in Texas and of course I have the rest of the car, but no complete engine
  8. Ok Thanks and no problen if they sell the entire engine.
  9. More information. I have pistons and almost everything except the monoblock
  10. According with serial number this is a 18 series SF 4 export model
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