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  1. fb number is 37688,so assuming only 2312 made after mine,kind of interesting
  2. i am curious as to what last vin of 63 might be my vin is 7J1118287 and i have never seen a later one on ebay or any where else. car was built 4th week of june 1963.thanks
  3. thanks all for info ,car runs great and gets plenty of thumbs up,been going to shows for 12 years and i have never seen another 63 ,64s and 65s once in a while but love my riv.
  4. nothing in oil car runs 160-170 normally never overheated again ,is 190 or so normal in heavy traffic i go to a lot of shows with lots of cars so exiting sometimes takes awhile to get out
  5. my 63 riv,bought 12 years ago for 5000 dollars before prices went up no 1 nada classic car guide is now 41000 and average car is 22000. bought car as shown about 3 miles from my house have won over 80 trophies and awards since owned not bad for 5 grand.also now have correct wrinkle air cleaner bought on ebay restored for 125. thanks for looking
  6. went to a big car show a few years ago took 2-3 hours to get out ,car ran with hot light on and gauge pegged at 260 but car never pounded,boiled over or gurgled.started next day and lifters made noise for about 10 minutes,changed oil and added can of restore and car ran and still runs fine. added electric fan and transmission now runs 190-195 in heavy traffic before fan kicks in.question is how hot should it run when idling or in slow traffic for a long time. thanks bob
  7. took my dashtop out of my 63 and brought it to local shop in my area and they recovered it with new foam for 150.00.excellent job.just dashes was 895.00 plus shipping this was about 6 years ago and still looks perfect.
  8. i put on new front disc brakes on my 63 last year. brakes work well but wondering why brake pedal goes down further before engaging than my old brakes did opgi kit fit perfect