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  1. Am I really that dumb? Tells.you how often I open the rear doors. I feel like I have tried nothing and I am all out of ideas!😁
  2. I think I found the pieces I need from someone off Ebay who is parting out the exact same car I have. But to install them the rubber piece just above them needs to come off. Anyone know how that piece comes off? It is the black piece in between the door caps.
  3. Hi guys I am looking for pics and to buy the pieces of trim that go between the front and rear doors of a 56 Century 4 door hardtop. It is just under the window and caps the B pillar off. Anyone have pics they could post and any one have any for sale?
  4. Since I am just one person and inexperienced in running the machines it takes me a while. I am sure that if someone needed one I could help out for a reasonable amount. There are improvements I would like to make and some new tooling to make it easier if I was making more than one, like an all carbide boring bar. One issue is that the one I made does not have the same internal volume as original, but I bet it is reasonable. I can also make it a little taller to make up for some of it. It has much thicker walls as you can see in the pics and a lot more metal in the base of the cylinder.
  5. I thought about trying to weld it up but the material is so thin and the hole was so large along with it being two different holes, making one was easier. This was my first machining project where accuracy mattered. Previous projects were more freehand making knobs spacers, washers and such.
  6. I wanted to share my fix for the 1956 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir in case someone else has the same problem. Mine had developed a hole and I lost all fluid. I tried JB weld as a temp fix until I could look for one. It held for about 6-9 months I think. well as many of you can probably guess, I could not find another one. Replacing the entire master was not in the cards so I decided to make one. I started with solid 1.75" round stock. Bored it out, milled the bottom and inserted steel threads. I think it came out pretty good. It is holding fluid and fits the master reall
  7. Looking for a 1956 power brake master cylinder reservoir. Circled in the attached
  8. Thanks guys. I found a paint chip sheet I can print out. Will print that out and take it to the auto parts store with me. The color I saw on the paint chip looked more red than chevy engine orange. I wonder if 57 was a different color.
  9. Does any one know what the closest match in rattle can for the correct seminole red wheel paint for a 56 Buick? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank for the feedback. I agre that the Chevy wheel does not look as good as the Buick but I do need more room in the front seat. I do have power steering so I am not worried about leverage. Do you have any suggestions of what might fit wheel in a smaller diameter Buick wheel? My only fear is that to get to a smaller diameter you have to go to the mid 60s which would relaly look out of place in the interior.
  11. I have a 56 Century and am looking to replace the steering wheel with something in 15" range. Does anyone know if an aftermarket 15" 56 Chevy wheel will fit and work on the stock Buick column? Are there any other wheel out there that will work? I am trying to not spend over $400 on modification and restoration of my stock wheel. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks for the reply Jake. I appreciate it. This is not the only avenue I am using to sell this car. It is on other forums as well and we have a for sell sign in it for the local car events and swap meets. Funny, but the best response we have gotten has been from the local swap meet. I have been resisting Ebay as they charge a fee albeit relatively small. We are not in a huge hurry to sell, meaning my Dad does not have to sell it to pay bills or work on another car. He has had his fun with it and wants to give some one else the ability to own it. He is negotiable on the price if any on
  13. Still here. Had a lot of calls but no one has the money.
  14. Still here. Had a lot of calls but no one has the money.
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