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  1. Do you still have any parts? I'm interested in doors, truck lid and front fenders.
  2. By the way. I forgot to say the Flathead Ford is a V-8.
  3. My neighbor has a 50 Ford truck with a complete flathead, 4 speed and rear drivetrain that he needs to sell. Any interest???? Send PM and I will get you intouch with him!
  4. My 37 had the openings closed with nearly flat covers. I don't have these parts. Brian
  5. From a 1937 4Dr Touring 8. Dash bezels, guage pods and glove box door. Speedometer has trip counter and worked to reset to 0 miles. Bezels are in good shape except one threaded post is short. Will require restoration. Ashtray and surround are rusted bad.
  6. Ken, I have sent a few emails with pics. Tell me if you have recieved them or not Brian
  7. The tail lights are rectangular for the Touring and round for the standard. I have most of the trim for an 8 four door touring
  8. need a plain passenger front fender for a 1937 4Dr touring. No rips, light rust ok. Send pics.
  9. No rips, surface rust all over, some small rust holes mostly near the back and inside, some chrome pieces missing, but what is there is in bad shape. Pics available offline.
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