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  1. Ya I guess it did'nt.I forgot all about it. I was thinking that is a pretty good price for something that cost over $100 dollars new. Shipping will be a bit pricey I am thinking. Wanna do $75 for it and you pay shipping?
  2. I would say yes if you have to have a puller to remove your drums. It is not vehicle specific. It should pull any type of drum that requires a puller. Throw the question up on one of the forums if you want to be sure.
  3. New or just about new hub/ drum puller I bought to pull the hubs on my desoto. $100 shipped to you. Rick
  4. Thanks for the info and I hope no cracks also
  5. 50 desoto flat 6. do flat heads blow head gaskets like more modern v 8 engines. Does water run through the head also. Got steam from the tailpipe
  6. chaser1602

    junkyard find

    Found a cranbrook. I need an exhaust manifold for my 50 desoto. The engine in the cranbrook looks the same. Will the manifolds interchange ?
  7. Are you parting this car out ? I need an exhaust manifold. What does the interior look like?
  8. Jason your not boring me all. Only being 50 yrs old,6V is way beyond my experience. That possibility can also go along with that shop. Insult the builder all you want.Might not bee an insult at all . I am new to this area and have'nt been able to get to now the area shops yet. That was the 1st one I was recommended. So it went there. I will probably be able to take a trip up there tomorrow or friday since I wont be working I really appreciate all the info from you and everyone else
  9. I asked my son last night if he watched them do the test. He said yes, it was putting out 3v. so that satisfied me. So now I am waiting to get the gen back next week
  10. Thought about taking the regulator also. Had my son drop the gen at the shop.They said it was not putting out anything. Dont make sense to me. Engine would run with the neg cable off the battery. If it wasnt or isnt charging how could it run?
  11. I took out the gen. to take to a shop
  12. The battery only has about 5,6v at rest. I can disconnect the battery with the engine running, so I figured the charging system is working. That is why I asked if I could bump up the volts in the generator. I'll go out there and try the jumper and see what I get. What should I be getting for voltage output in a correctly working system anyway?
  13. Its putting out less than 6.5v at a high idle or revving the engine. Not keeping the battery chared up enuf. Making for hard starting. Isnt there some way to bump up the voltage. Has an aftermarket regulator,dont see an adjustment on there unless its on the back of it