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  1. hi guys i have a 35 pontiac 6,it runs drives has original interior,replaced wiring harness,silvertown whitewalls,painted once a long time ago.we drive it all summer,not long trips.i put in turn signals.if you look at ebay the taillights bring about 300. average so not cheap to get parts.not trying to make this an add ,but for 11000.00,this one could be bought.not really for sale but!the car is not a perfect car,but good.if you do get either one of those i do have a few parts.oh,and there was a36 sedan here that sold as a car torn apart for 800.good luck if you get they are very cool and bring lots of looks. jack
  2. thanks guys.when i went out after daylight and turned on the lights then the switch in question all worked fine.thanks again
  3. well jim,ido have the repair manuals,the master parts catologue,and the owners manual for the 56-57.however i thougt maybe someone knew if that was the switch as it was 4 a.m here when i asked.i have completely taken the 56 apart and rebuilt every electric switch in the car and cast all new knobs,polished all my own stainless and that car is almost ready for paint.part of thebody work has been done by me,such as welding the few patch panels it needed.and i have answered questions on here as to interiors,mechanical,and i have yet to tell someone to buy a book if icould answer in a knowledgeable way.i dont need help to trace a prblem ,only wanted to know if that was the switch.not now thanks for the lead to a new site.rant over. yes they are nice cars,and do draw attention.
  4. hi ,i just bought a 57 linc capri coupe,i havent figured out how to turn the driving lights on .thats the lower lights,i'm talking about.there is a switch on the side of the steering colunm that matches the dash, but it dont turn them on.i have not traced anything out,just thought i would ask.i also have a 56 premiere coupe.both are black cars.this 57 is a 74000 mile car.sure drives nice.thanks for your help,jack
  5. l am not sure if your buick is the same as my 38 lasalle,i think so,i was given the advice to replace master cyl. with one from a fork lift.i cant remember the #,but i do have it in the shop and can get it later.the new cyl was a direct bolt in and works perfect .cost was 35.00 on ebay.easiest way to cure the problem.looks exact also.good luck
  6. what i meant was a good seat cover material,trade calls it body cloth,sorry for confusion.also after your substrate ,i like to use a felt type,or carpet pad apprx. 1/2 inch,that keeps springs from wearing at the foam.good luck,jack
  7. your buick foam was latex orig.,but the factory burned in 72 ,ithink it was.as was mentioned all cars can be and are replaced with sheet stock.known in the trade as topper pads.they are available from most trim shops,just be sure to get good ones,not standard poly,the burlap is also avail.but i havent seen waxed as you called it.i much prefer a better sbstrate,such as heavy body cloth over the springs. i just finished a 53 buick for a customr.thoe were about 1300.been doing this for all of 47 years,and have seen prices that vary by location.so yours may be about right.remember quality costs,but it also lasts and makes a car stand out,more than paint in my opinion.jack
  8. i have a freind in central cal with a 32 for sale,about the same price 9000 miles real nice,if your interested pm me ill put you in touch.he told me last week if it dont sell he might take it to scottsdale thanks ,jack
  9. hello,when you push back on the panel,also push on any trim ring around handle.there is a clip ,like a horse shoe that holds the handle to yhe shaft.there are tools made for removing them,but a thin blade works.the clip has to be pushed from the handle as you look from the long side.i have also used a small bent pick or wire to pull from the shot side.it isnt hard to do just to explain.46 years as a trimmer,i have removed many.good luck
  10. thank you sir. i was leaning that way.pretty straight forward fits,so wont be to bad.and no we only have one hyd. place small rural town. thanks again jack
  11. hello,i tried a search without luck. i have 2 cars,38 lasalle,37 chevy that the oil filter lines broke on,need to replace ,the chevy ones are available,the filling station,but if i could get some local would be nice.iwent to our hyd. place lots of hem & haw,any ideas?copper?steel?rubber? i drive these often and would like to have pece of mind. thanks jack
  12. this is a guess but probably has a short metal section that goes on top of rubber,so that length can be adjusted.have several cars that way. good luck
  13. look up armands,in the bay somewhere.i used to have a shop in modesto.we did a lot of those cars,even under warranty.armands always had a good reputation amongst our suppliers
  14. thank you,i don't recall about sender,i know it must have it because it does register,should that be a t fitting then?this is a heater delete car.i bought one i believe to be right,all the holes in firewall matched perfect.yes a pic would be nice.thanks again jack
  15. may not be a 34-35 chevy as keiser said.no crank hole in grille,fenders rise above bumper on bottom.but i don't know for certain what it is