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  1. Looks like maybe a good time to change out the horn see'n as there's EZ access to it. John F.
  2. tb3, You guessed correctly. But, as mentioned earlier, GM wouldn't have spent the time or money to include it in the production run. If you have the opportunity to replace it with one in working condition, by all means do so. John F.
  3. Ed, As mentioned above, in 1990 the block and heads were black. Now, they are a rusty brown with black flakes scattered about. John F.
  4. Didn't know the '90-91's were soldered in. I was working on my '89 when I discovered this issue and found the bulbs were relatively easy to remove. I guess they didn't want people removing bulbs to "fix" problems so they made it harder to do. Pretty good idea really. John F.
  5. Well... I tried using the other hand but the results were the same. And that's all I got to say about that. John F.
  6. Kevin, Thanks for providing that info. I just broke one of these myself and wondered what I was going to do about it. Now I know! John F.
  7. Checking to see if the SES bulb is burnt out or missing should be the very first thing to verify once a E026 code has set instead of covering all that other ground in diagnostics wasting time, energy, hair and beer. Well... not the beer so much. John F.
  8. Stan, I should have checked this this morning. Apparently the SES light does NOT illuminate when pressing the TEST button. My next question is, does the SES lamp illuminate when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position? The reason I ask is, if the SES isn't lighting up, indicating that it is either burned out or removed, it will cause an E026 code to set. I guess the engineers did this to insure the bulb would get replaced should it burn out or get removed by someone. I don't know if this ground was covered earlier in this thread but brought it up in case it hadn't. Anyway... If your SES lamp illuminates at KOEO then it is NOT the cause of your E026 issue. John F.
  9. Stanley, Does your "SES" (Check Engine) light come on when you press the "TEST" button on the IPC? John F.
  10. Luftweg, To my knowledge, those can no longer be found new anywhere. There are vendors here who could get you a used one or you may be able to find one in a salvage yard. There is a name for it but I can't think of it right now. John F
  11. PD, You must drop everything that is not a priority. The priority is finding the root cause of the IPC issue. All else pales in comparison. My money is on the IPC's being OK and the problem residing elsewhere. So... get off the roof and put the suspect IPC's into the car that has no issues with it's IPC. You'll know immediately where the problem is but not necessarily what to do about it. John F.
  12. I'd also like to have a set but need to know $$ before committing. Maybe even a couple to cover some spares. John F.
  13. tb3, Right or wrong, I did the very same thing on my '90 about 2 and a half years ago because I didn't like the way the housing sat kind of cocky over the stat. John F.
  14. PD210, Well, now you know that the IPC is not the problem. It's something that feeds the IPC. John F.
  15. Michael, If the vice grips don't do the trick, try a pipe wrench. Might be difficult to get it to bite because of the awkward angle but it might just work for you. Also put something between the wrench and wheel like a piece of carpet, cardboard or even a diaper to keep from scratching the wheel. They make a tool set of adapter thingys' for removing rounded off nuts. You'd find one that fits the security lug nut, hammer it on, then, using the appropriately sized socket spin it off. The more you turn the tool, the more the sharp ridges dig into the nut being removed. John F.
  16. PD210, It never hurts to have a spare. You could swap the newly acquired one in to see if you are still having problems you describe. (a diagnostic tool) And... there's always a market for an IPC should you want to sell it. John F.
  17. Waldo, I never replaced the evaporator but I did remove one from my '88 when I disassembled it prior to having the carcass towed away. I remember thinking to my self that I hope I never have to change one out because it would be a MAJOR PITA. As Rp above said, take lot'sa pics. Post some of them here so we can feel like we are there with you, sharing your pain. John F.
  18. That happened to me when I found out what my PP was for. John F.
  19. Images from the 1987 Cadillac DeVille / Fleetwood FSM.
  20. Kevin, OK, I think I've found what we're looking for. Will attempt scan & post this evening after work. (Yes, the Godless Bas**rds make us work on the Sabbath.) Sorry about the wait. Been very busy as of late. John F.
  21. You may also want to consider dropping the oil pan to get what you're after. John F.
  22. Ronnie, Sorry, but I don't remember the lengths or the diameters. I trashed the old hoses months ago and can't seem to locate the reciept from Lincolnway Auto where I bought the hose. I can tell you with absolute certainty that they were Black in color. John F.
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