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  1. In that context, you are right. You also get the added benefit of being able to go another couple of decades of trouble free service from the ABS. If you go with changing out the whole unit, I would flush the system with the old one before swapping them out. John F.
  2. According to the link you provided that takes you to Invasion Auto Products, The condition of the unit is listed a REBUILT and it has a "Full one year unlimited mileage warranty". It's a rather pricy item but if you need it... You need it. What's the deal with shipping an accumulator to the great white north anyway? John F.
  3. GMparts direct must have changed their policy regarding their shipping cost. I just placed an order totaling $234.00 and the shipping charge was $15.80. That doesn't seem excessive to me. John F.
  4. Chas1, You could try GM Parts.com Or OEM cats.com Or look through the "Reatta Resources" link near the top of the page. John F.
  5. The thing is, the regulars here (myself included) like being driven crazy by these cars. I currently own three (had 4) It gives us a reason to get up in the morning. John F.
  6. The problem is probably the firewall mounted relay. But they can't make a living selling a ~ $15 part. John F.
  7. Tom, I have one acquired from Spinning Wheels SC. There are no numbers on either of the two labels affixed to the "ball". But, there are numbers stamped onto the body of the ball. The number stamped onto the top (above the welded seam) is...... S2 4155. The number stamped onto the bottom near the threaded stem is... S2 4797. These are the only identifying marks on the unit itself. There was no Model or serial number on any of the paper that came with the unit. Hope this helps.
  8. Nope... we're, more or less, all in the same boat here. John F.
  9. Walt, What I did was to delete the page stored in my "Bookmarks" list. (I use FireFox. If you use IE it would be in your Favorites folder) Then I Googled AACA forums and clicked on the link that takes you to the Main AACA Forums page. I bookmarked this page instead of the Buick Reatta Forum threads page. I use this page to get to the Buick Reatta Forum and it works every time. No more "database error" message. From this point, you could scroll down to the Buick section and click on Buick Reatta (has sub header "Buy-Sell"). That get's you to the threads page we all know and love. At this point you could Bookmark the page or add it to favorites (depending on your browser) instead of bookmarking the Main Forums page. Hope this makes sense and helps. John F.
  10. A day at the beach. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
  11. Jon, OK. If you're not hell bent on getting it out to the trash Thursday, I'll make arrangements to get it within two weeks. What are good days/times for you? I'll also need your address. I have your phone # already. Just PM me the info and we'll get this ball rolling. John F.
  12. Jon, Just got word that my son will be unavailable for several days due to some sort of seminar thing in DC. So, let's just skip it. Less hassle. Easier to just toss it. Thanks anyway. John F.
  13. Jon, I'll work on arrangements. Contact you soon. John F.
  14. s Update See all updates by Machiner 55 63viking Machiner 55 I am in Hanover pk. Call me at 6309151577 Saturday at 2:03 PM 0 Like this Options Report Machiner 55 Good Morning Jon, I'm not much of a phone guy, especially at 4:30am. I was thinking that if you still had the box for the radiator or some similar packaging, you could mail the radiator to my address listed below. Naturally, I'd pay for the shipping. Once you know what it'll cost, I could make a deposit to your PayPal account or, if you'd rather, I could mail you a check. I would understand if you chose the check method you would want to wait for the check to clear prior to sending the radiator. There's even the possibility of me coming out your way to pick it up but after tolls gas etc., shipping it would probably be less expensive. I'm planning a complete AC job on my '90 Driftwood in a few weeks and replacing the radiator would probably be a good idea seeing as I'd have it out to gain access to the compressor anyway. Regards, John A. F. 21XX BeXXXXX Valparaiso, IN. 46383-3202 21X-XXX-XXXX rxxXXm2@comcast.net Sunday at 4:50am 0 Options Report I posted this to you this morning...... Jon, From Valparaiso it's about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic. My son lives there and I thought maybe I could get him involved. Either he could get it from you and bring it with him on his next trip "home" or I could pick it up from you while out that way to visit him. John F. If you view this as not being interested then so be it. John F.
  15. 89 reatta, In his post above, Steve lists three ways to contact him. If you really want to know why, you should contact him directly. Steve is a bright man. A retired airline pilot. Very opinionated, which is what led to his downfall I believe. Once you get his side of the story, post them back here so we can pick him apart. Just kidding!
  16. Jon, From Valparaiso it's about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic. My son lives there and I thought maybe I could get him involved. Either he could get it from you and bring it with him on his next trip "home" or I could pick it up from you while out that way to visit him. John F.
  17. Jon, I replied to your pm this morning. John F.
  18. Jon, If it's not already spoken for, I'll take it off your hands. Just PM me with your contact info. How close are you to Downers Grove? John F.
  19. I'm not really a fan of the "woodgrain" dash panels but the addition of the wood steering wheel makes it work for me. John F.
  20. Hey, What's with all this Chinese script? Is this another revenue stream Like the flashing banners all over the forum? John F.
  21. The Devil's reward for Blaspheming and Fornicating. John F.
  22. Blasphemy .... sheer and simple Blasphemy! If I were you I'd be very careful moving about as the ground may open up and swallow you whole whilst a bolt from the blue smites thee in the arse. The Reatta gods are very unforgiving. John F.
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