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  1. just wondering if your club has ever made it over to florence oregon? having rhody festival saturday may 22nd, great show. anyway would love to photograph your cars someday. have a good one.
  2. cool car great potential there. i have a few view master slides on the oregon coast with one of these cars at the sealion caves here in florence oregon
  3. looking for floor boards, do the dodge/chrysler rear floor boards interchange? Looking for new emblem clips for side moulding on door. looking for visors over headlights, possibly over windshield. needing running boards. and rear seat spring. is there a company that specializes in these desotos? Thank you for your time
  4. I think i could have found something better to spend that money on, humm maybe a house, or a shelby or 3, maybe even a cobra. must be nice to be able to throw away money like that
  5. get ahold of themustangguru@aol.com or try shasta mustang supply my dad has lots of information on upcoming shows and swaps. good luck
  6. this is wonderful collection, how did the car get in the water?
  7. From the album: DeSoto

    My first desoto, was my fathers, picking up april 30th
  8. check out shasta mustang supply for detailed questions, my dad owns a restoration shop in redding california, has restored a couple convertibles, he is currently working on 2 shelby's
  9. check out shasta mustang supply my dad dave can answer pretty much any mustang questions you have he is in redding california
  10. My dad is a mustang genius. he has a shop in redding california and can answer just about anything you need to know, he has a website shasta mustang supply go check it out many answers on his how to pages, check the powersteering and shock towers, leaks and cracks.
  11. Cable seems to be stuck and latch will not operate, my dad had taken hood ornament off, what is the best way to get the hood open?
  12. I am new to Desoto's however i purchased my fathers 46 s11 custom, i have thought about going hemi in mine however i also love the sound of the flathead, there is a lot you can do to them. so for now i am going to be setting mine out pretty stock outside the interior paint and wheels. My opinion is the motor and tranny are worth whatever you can get for them. on the net i see trannys for around 250 - 300, engines from 500-1500 however you have to find a desoto owner without a motor or needing a spare. as far as the chevy, no im not to much of a chevy guy myself, however it is great that people are still trying to get these tanks back on the road no matter what powers them. I'd rather see a chevy in a desoto than a chevy in a 34 ford coupe
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