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  1. A great time in my life at Barrett Jackson auto auction,2013 Was a blast to drive my old Hurst SC/Rambler over the block ! I tried to do AMC "Loud & Proud" !!!! Videos are great by Speed channel. http://youtu.be/JqHuThIYhqE http://youtu.be/_riejE5HVN0
  2. lol.... heck I could never keep gas in that fine 460 Ford van these days. Total sale is listed as the SC/Rambler sold for $66,000.00 !! To best of my knowledge that makes this the highest priced SC/Rambler to ever be sold at a public auction. Very cool indeed, Auction results and data for 1969 AMC Rambler Hurst S/C | Conceptcarz.com Was great too drive my old SC/Rambler over the block at Barrett Jackson !!! I tried my best to do AMC "LOUD" and proud for all of us. Part of Valeri's and my own soul are in that SC/Rambler for all time. It was a blast to share the history of this car again
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. You all in the AACA were fantastic to me and Valeri. I sold the SC/Rambler a few years ago as not the same without her and I needed the cash to start over. I moved to Phoenix and drive a bus to help cancer patients get where they need to go I have a great girlfriend now and a 1969 Cougar XR7 I use as a daily driver The owner of the SC/Rambler let me drive the car over the block as if it were still mine. Pictures of Val in the car and Johnny Lighting diecast with our names on it. Our last ride together and over the big stage was fantastic ! I so enjo
  4. Took the Cougar XR7 out to enjoy a early New Year dinner this weekend. Took this picture of Tracy with the Cat for fun. 69 Mercury Cougar XR7 | Tracy Middleton This Cougar is the first car daughter has ever driven, We took the Cat out for a family dinner here in the far west valley of Phoenix. I will be at BJ auction in a couple weeks as my old 69 Hurst SC/Rambler is lot #500 and I look forward to seeing the car again. It was a blast and very fast with a great history. What is really great about all this is I was able to get 20 tickets for the first day of the auction and will be dri
  5. Two weeks ago we took a motorcycle and saw these fine rides up it the mountains of AZ.
  6. A few new pics I thought I would share with old friends here. my 69 Cougar XR7, 351 performance group. I was told these pics look like they could have been old promo photos,sweet. I use the Cougar as my daily driver and have a blast with it. Hope all is well and the storm going your way is not that bad. Thanks, Matt & Tracy
  7. Auto artist , Danny Whitfield turned my 69 Cougar XR7 to fantastic art !!! Now you can see it and many more Cougars in print at his site, Autovision, The Automotive Art of Danny L Whitfield / OFFICIAL SITE /. My Cougar, He had done my old Hurst SC/Rambler and 4sp Ambassador wagon in the past. Thanks, Matt & Tracy Tracy Middleton How about this, He now has many more and 67 & 68 as well !!.
  8. Cool ! Sounds as he did great and enjoyed it. Wish I could fit in a go-Kart these days....lol If a boyfriend one day tells her he learned in a Wal-Mart parking lot driving a old Honda Civic she can just smile and laugh .....LOL !!!! I mean nothing against a nice stock Civic .
  9. 400 + mile vacation trip in the 69 Cougar XR7. I passed the keys off to my girlfriends daughter for her first ever driving lesson,Skull Valley,AZ. Largest lot I could find was in the graveyard parking lot...lol !!! We wanted her to always remember this day. Skull Valley is very old Indian country. Town got it's name from the fact one tribe killed off another and stacked their heads in piles around the valley. White man came and found the sun bleached skulls . Drove the Cougar down 10 miles of old dirt road to get to our cabin. The Cougar ran great and got 17 mpg ! She cleaned up just fin
  10. Had a great Easter weekend at church and more. Even had some car fun and took a few videos of a GTO and SC/Rambler and a nice pic of Tracy with the Cougar, GTO JUDGE I passed on the way home, GTO Judge convert !!!! - YouTube A friends Hurst SC/Rambler , like my old JL car, Hurst SC/Rambler - YouTube AMC !!! - YouTube Hope you had a great Easter also, Matt & Tracy 69 Mercury Cougar XR7 | Tracy Middleton
  11. Thanks and your nephew will be in my thoughts and paryers. I hope to be working on getting a nice car show put together and held at the center this fall. Would make for a nice day here. Almost forgot that is a cool video of the Cougar and Camaro racing:D. I'm still not sure if that was out of a movie or what?
  12. My girlfriend built a site for my Cougar as well as other cool cars from my past, Johnny Lighting Hurst SC/Rambler,1970 Challenger 440 six pac, 4spd, 1972 Chevelle, 65 Mustang,71 T-bird with 429 and many more Wills ST Clair , Packards. These pics are at bottom of the page. Hope you like them, 69 Mercury Cougar XR7 | Tracy Middleton C.T.C.A. wrote up a piece about the Cougar and some cancer patients getting to enjoy the car. No pictures of patients out of respect for their privacy, I took some for rides and others got to drive the Cougar. We all had a blast !!! Thanks, Matt & Tracy
  13. Thanks, we really enjoy how the Cougar rides and drives. Hard for me to stay out of it. Ragtop would be way out of my price range but would be nice !! Sounds like you really like yours. I will be putting the Power Dome hood stripe back on the car at some point. I will put the black one on . 1969 was a transitional year for the Mercury Cougar, as new engines were made available and others were discontinued. One of the new engine options was the 351W, and Ford wasted no time giving the Cougar a performance package all its own. Called the “351 Performance Group,” it included a 351 4-V e
  14. Thanks much ! Really glad you like the car. I put 500 fun miles on the Cougar last week,yeah !!!
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