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  1. 4 hours ago, Matt Harwood said:

    Melanie's name is on the title and she is always very particular when she registers it for shows that it be under her name. It's hard for us as privileged white men to understand what it's like, but she's in a man's business and the number of guys who treat her like an idiot or ignore her altogether at shows and in our offices would astound you. When someone asks about the car and she answers them, they are as likely as not to say, "Did your husband tell you to say all that?" It's beyond offensive and in our business, you're taking a big risk to dismiss her. Anyone who blows her off as just a secretary just gravely reduced their chances of getting the car they want, never mind a deal on it. Our business looks like it does not because of me (I just talk about cars) but because of her. Think about it.


    So while it seems like I'm trying to cover for a pink car but what I'm really trying to say is that it is her car and she's an equal. She knows as much about the car as I do, maybe more, and it's a mistake to pat her on the head and wait for a man to explain things to you instead. 


    Go ahead and watch conversations in the hobby where there's a woman involved. In fact, watch yourselves because you surely do it without even knowing it. If you're really paying attention, you'll be surprised (and hopefully dismayed) by how easily women are dismissed by men in this hobby. 


    THAT is my point.

    Well said, Matt!