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  1. When should the wire that goes to the seatbelt be hot and how long should it be hot? I am trying to get everything working on my car and the seatbelt warning chime does not work. I can't seem to detect it as hot at any time. According to the wiring diagrams it shows that this comes off the cigarette lighter fuse and that fuse is good. The cigar lighter works. Thanks.
  2. Ya'll are right it snaps into 2 holes in the floor-board but be careful when poping it out are you will break the plastic like I did. I just did not think about cutting the carpet away from the pedal this would have made it alot easier. thanks again for all the help. Tom-Ala
  3. I need someone to tell me how to remove the gas pedal , I'm installing new carpet. I don't have the tool that the manual shows. thanks again Tom-Ala
  4. Antenna relay was good the problem was in the wiring connection to the relay under the hood. I checked for current at the connection & was getting juice so I pulled the antenna , but with a battery it checked out ok, the wiring connection was corroded I cleaned it out real good put the antenna back in & everthing is working great, just a lot of work for something so simple. I have also found my short on the gage fuse , I checked so many things but I think it was the wire to the oil sending unit. thanks for all the help folks. Tom-Ala
  5. This wire connects to the trunk opening button inside the glovebox, it connects to the back of the button. Tom-Ala
  6. I plan to remove the rear electric window motors on my 85 Riviera convertible tomorrow. I have searched my manuals and did not see anything on how to remove these motors any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Has anyone tryed one of the radiator caps that is also a thermometer? Also I have checked all my manuels but no luck what is the normal temp. of water in radiator in operation? Right now in Ala. it is 98 degrees & my shade tree has no ac so I come in the house where it is cool to ask ya,ll these questions.
  8. I found a deep socket at Advance auto that worked real good, it was made to remove the oil sending unit but works good on the water temp. unit. thanks Tom-Ala PS I'm still working on the gage fuse short.
  9. Is it a tool made to remove these , if so where can I buy one. thanks Tom
  10. Try Car-Part.com I found some seat tracks on this site. Tom-Ala
  11. my 85 conv has 1 motor pass & driver, I ordered a driver side from a salvage dealer they sent me a 3 motor it will wire up to the connector but seat will only go forward & back no matter which switch you push ,still at it Tom-Ala
  12. Can anyone tell me why some have 3 motors & some have 1 motor or did the 3 motor come from another year or model? Still working at it. Tom-Ala
  13. Can someone send me a picture of the power door locks relay & tell me about where it is located? thanks for the help Tom-Ala
  14. I'm in need of a wiring diagram for the door switch (8) wires can't find it in any of the manuals. thanks Tom-Ala
  15. Plastic coupler that connects the electric motor to the track, I need (2). If you know where I can buy them let me know. Thanks Tom-Ala
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