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  1. someone had a healthy disorder 😃
  2. i was wondering if you ever made hose clamp(s) or they did nt come with any .... ? besides that the attention to detail is truly amazing ... 😃 keep those foto(s) and update(s) coming .... keep up the most excellent remarkable work i have ever seen as of yet
  3. nice progress on a cool build .... keep those foto(s) and update(s) coming
  4. hello all, in search for the following item(s); in search of some stock 6 lug wheel(s) along with hubcaps ( doesnt need to be restored ) factory air cleaner ( non oil breather ) for either a 2 bbl or 4 bbl base upper belt molding ( lwb ) under dash ash tray throttle cable ( from the carb. to the knob in the cab ) you can pm me with additional detail and foto(s) of the item(s). thank you for looking
  5. i would say, restore it with upgrading the wiring in it not to many of them around, i would say esp a convertible
  6. foto(s) would help in seeing the condition plus if its been sitting for a bit, everything will need to be gone thru ( like rubber lines, hoses, seals, etc ... ). age is not a vehicle(s) best friend if its been sitting up for a long time
  7. hello all looking for a dealer name plate made of some kind of pot metal for Quality, louisiana just giving it a try and maybe someone can help
  8. hello all, i have a 71 triumph for sale with a clean title from what i have seen is missing; is a seat and tachometer other than that, its complete also have an extra frame ( also a 71 date code ) that i may consider in selling it along w/ the cycle asking 1500.- and please do not be afraid in messaging me with any question(s) regarding the item have a good day
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