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  1. She shared the same birthday as my son, but he was 142 years later!
  2. Unrestored original 1929 Model A Standard Fordor Sedan (Murray Body), Type 165A, built June 1929 and sold in August 1929 by Wm. W. Shew sales and service of Churubusco,Indiana."MARC of Originality Award" winner from the Model A Restorers Club, HPOF from AACA. The hood and fenders have been repainted, but the body paint is original to the car. The interior is original and has marks and stains of 90 years but only one wear spot on the drivers seat edge. Motor was overhauled several years ago by Model A expert. Starts and idles perfectly without hesitation and drives at highway speed with no issues. Cooling system maintains proper temperature on the highway. The mechanical brakes are adjusted properly and stops as it should. All lights work except for the dome light. Horn is loud. Two tires are a few years old and two are brand new with no miles on them. No rust anywhere on the car and the wood is in excellent condition. Also included is paperwork from the original owner and registration history. I have added a battery shut off switch and electrical system fuse,both are easily removable for fine point judging if you prefer. Car is one of a kind original that can be driven and enjoyed as it sits. A real time capsule. Asking $22,000. Located just west of Charlotte NC. Additional photos located here or here (Google photos giving me some heartburn so if that doesn't work try the dropbox link). Same photos on each site.
  3. For what it's worth, I tried a set of the e-light kits from Egypt garage on my 29 Model A Sedan. Could not ever get them to work properly when hooked up in the car. Worked fine with the remote in your hand standing behind the car but would never reliably activate or cancel when the remote was attached to the steering column. Jim Davis was super nice and sent me a second set and then eventually refunded my money when we couldn't get it to work. They may work fine on an open car but I think the range just isn't strong enough for a closed car. It is a bicycle turn signal set with nice brackets for mounting the remote and the base.
  4. For those who were wondering, the host hotel lists "free valet parking" on their website, I called them and they said they would have designated self parking for those of us driving show cars in. And she said it wasn't going to rain !
  5. Annie- Dad and I will be there with his 77 Pontiac Grand Prix. Looking forward to it!
  6. I have it on good authority that the wind speed this year will be less than a "gale".
  7. Boooooooooooooo! The HPOF class will have a huge hole in it without that Suburban!!
  8. I will echo everyone else's comments above, please do not allow the actions and situation in the Uptown area of Charlotte keep you from coming. The Speedway is over 20 miles from the Uptown area and in a different county. The weather looks great for the weekend- Bring sunscreen for Saturday!
  9. I just went thru this exercise in NC. The efficiency will make you lose your mind. Once you purchase the Antique plate from the DMV (State), you have to file it with the County tax office in order to receive the $500 valuation in future years. In the last year, the tax value on my 73 Cadillac was doubled, so I should realize some savings going forward.
  10. Great photos Annie! Hate we missed you yesterday, it was a crazy day for us, had to bring the boys with us when our sitter got sick. Hope everyone is over the wind burn by now.
  11. The black license plate is how I mounted mine on the 88 Mustang. Not enough grill on this car to mount there.
  12. Beleive you are correct. Thanks for steering me the right way.
  13. carolinagreg


    I believe this is a Nash, judging by the lines of the rear and trunk area. Anyone care to help with a year? I'm thinking around 36-38 but without being able to see the front. The folks in the photo are my wife's great grandparents.
  14. My late grandmother's 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood. It was 3 years old at the time. It's sitting in my garage as I type this with 72K miles on the clock, and I'm driving it right into HPOF come 2017!