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  1. Looks like the trunk floor is welded to the frame(?) (I'm on my phone)
  2. I received email notice that NCRiviera posted "cool first gen tail light treatment" when I clicked the link there was no post. What happened? It was a pretty neat photo.
  3. A beauty, Stanford is the best. Are those '50 Pontiac taillights on the drawing?
  4. A wireless third brake light would be neat.
  5. 60 going on 16; 63 Riv, 51 Ford convertible mild Kustom, 59 Ford convertible, 57 Fairlane 500 mild custom....and I am not done :cool:....just don't tell my wife.
  6. I have seen this in person. As beautiful as the pics are they don't do justice. The car is outstanding.
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