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  1. Looks like the trunk floor is welded to the frame(?) (I'm on my phone)
  2. I received email notice that NCRiviera posted "cool first gen tail light treatment" when I clicked the link there was no post. What happened? It was a pretty neat photo.
  3. Does anyone know what taillights Barris used in the original Villa?
  4. I am running an Edelbrock 1406 on my 425. It runs GREAT. What I don't like is the rinky-dink looking air cleaner. I don't want to cut and weld my original, I have saved all original parts which I've removed (including my "water heater" exhaust system which I regret replacing). I've saved the stock height coils...well you get the picture. I would like to find the bottom (at least) of an air cleaner I can modify to sit down over the carb and allow me to run my Wildcat 465 top. Anyone have a spare? Or is there another air cleaner from another car running the AFB that is close enough or the same? (Hollander # anyone?)
  5. I looked on O'Reilly's website and found at least three choices for 63 425. Murray temp control plus, Temp control Ultra (larger than OEM opening) and Moto-Rad Fail Safe. I plan to run 180* Suggestions? I tried a search but results were for the entire AACA site. I couldn't figure out how to narrow it down to Nailhead/Riviera. P.S. Car currently has a 15# cap, is that correct or should it be 16#....?
  6. They didn't always drain well, dirt and sand would collect and plug the drain. I used to remove, clean, flush panel, and reinstall on my Pontiac Grandville convertible.
  7. Thanks steelman. Cstang, did you beef up the control arm to mount the Shockwave? I've been told the SW puts undo stress on the original shockmount.
  8. 64Rivvy, where did you purchase all the bushings etc. for the front end rebuild?
  9. Review from Amazon: 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful " Thank goodness for these blades. Thanks Trico!, June 25, 2011 By Bobby B. This review is from: Trico 33-150 Classic Wiper Blade, 15" (Pack of 1) (Automotive) I have a 1960 Buick LeSabre. As any enthusiast knows, the new-style, now-ubiquitous black-finished wiper blades of today look ridiculous on such automobiles. My car arrived with this type of blade. I was resigned to digging up a set of old blades on Ebay or in a junkyard and fitting new refills. But when I read about the Trico Classic I decided to do a little research. I could not figure out from my reading if these blades were actually stamped stainless(?) like the originals. Decided to take a flyer on these anyway and am very glad I did. The stampings are not *quite* as well polished and finished as the originals, but they look right and fit properly. I may, just may, sand them down a bit with a very fine grit and run them over a buffing wheel/metal polish. We'll see. Even if I don't I am very happy with the look." I will go to O'Reillys to look at them prior to purchase.