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  1. Wish i had seen that before i had one made. A new honey comb radiator cost me $2300.00 to have it remade that was about 2 years ago:)
  2. :)I read with interest all problems and advice on this forum, but am wondering why you Jason always seem to be negitive to other peoples advice, hope this does not offend but we are only here to share our knowledge not enforce it
  3. Web site does exist i clicked on to it straight away
  4. Have been luckey enough to have Glen And Edna from Canada staying with us here in Hastings NZ. They have just finished doing the NZVC club rally. I have learnt a lot what is needed to have on my car so when we take it over for the centenial in 2014 we will be all go. Glen has also been helping me map out the route to take as he has been over most othese places we are going on . Mostley route 66 to get there. Thanks Glen and Edna your knowlege on Dodges has been very helpfull, if any of you Dodge oweners coming to NZ you are most welcome to come and stay, talk dodges all night etc
  5. Merry Xmas and a happy New Year from us all down here in New Zealand
  6. I am shipping my 29 coupe to LA and then driving to the centennial
  7. I dont know but my 29 DA coupe had a leather seat in when i purchased it so noy sure if this is correct or not;)
  8. I want to go to the 100 years of Dodge and i beleve that is 23 june 2014. We will be driving a 1929 DA coupe:)
  9. Thanks will keep that on board:)
  10. Hi is there anybody down here in New Zealand or Australia keen to take there car to Americafor the 100 years of Dodge. I have had quotes to send car over and bring back. I intend to make a good holiday of it and go ealier and do route66 leaving from LA, then go to celebrations and do the trip back to LA. I know its along trip but we are only on this planet once and this is a trip of a lifetime. If you are interested you could email me direct . marg.geoff@xtra.co.nz Let us show people what our Dodges are made of:)
  11. Is there any one from down under willing to take there dodge to America for the dodge brothers celebrations. I am going to ship it over do route 66 and then go to dodge celebrations and then do route 66 back to LA for shipping back to NZ:)
  12. Has any body got photo of a vechile painted Arabian Mocha with black mouldings and orange strip:)
  13. I have a block like this but thought it must of been a lot later model
  14. Go to the picture you posted and move your curser over it and it will bring up no